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Ars Tactica is all about gameplay. Be it gathering resources, fighting, building or polishing you team, every step is always yours to decide. Inspired by Modded MC, FF Tactics and ToS, we aim for a game where all aspects can be enjoyed either solo or with friends. A game mixing high level goals, extensive customization and thoughtful mechanics with a procedural world and sandbox elements to ensure an endless adventure. Help us bring life to this garage prototype with your support.

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Ars Tactica is all about gameplay, be it gathering resources, fighting, building or polishing you team, it is you who decides the what, where and how.

Enjoy an unbounded procedural voxel world where each battle is unique. Master the crafting arts mixing materials to fit your style. Engage in fast passed PvE and PvP tactical combat, where strategy and mechanics dominate the battlefield. Unleash your creativity building anything you can image.

Inspired by Modded Minecraft, Final Fantasy Tactics and Tree of Savior, we aim for a game where every aspect, every moment can be enjoyed either solo or with friends. A game mixing high level goals, extensive customization and thoughtful mechanics with a procedural world and sandbox elements to ensure an endless adventure.

Help us bring life to this garage prototype with your support on IndieGoGo.

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Main Features

    • Procedural, fully interactive world
    • Skill class system
    • Interchangeable character roles
    • Fast passed, simultaneous turn-based tactical combat
    • Customizable crafting recipes
    • Voxel based base building
    • Solo and multiplayer content
    • Native mod support
    • Custom server friendly (non-commercial)


Adding a new dimension to the classical tactical team fighting, a fully interactive voxel terrain translates into unique combat mechanics and ever changing battlefields. Take advantage of natural features or build yourself a fortress, Ars Tactica is a place where reckless charge is not enough and strategy is king.

With the simultaneous turn system, you no longer will bore waiting for your opponent to move. Each player or AI selects actions at the same time which then execute in an order given by your characters' speed and your own reaction time.

Incredible come-backs or miraculous dodges will demand your full attention in battles where the outcome is never certain.

Home Sweet Home

Take command of a rookie Shadow Hunter squad and engage into your first mission: claim and purify a patch of terrain in the Deadlands.

Guild Hall 1

Once free of evil creatures and the mana flow stabilized, it's time to build a settlement. With a fully interactive voxel environment you will be able to create anything, from a tranquil farm to a menacing fortress, from a flower garden to a training ground, the only limit is your imagination.

Guild Hall 2

Build special structures required to master the crafting arts. You are responsible to maintain and improve your equipment!


But the resources available in your terrain will quickly fall short. Engage in exploration journeys and resource gathering incursions far into the Deadlands to obtain the rarest materials.
You are responsible for restoring this wasted land, bringing life, building your home.

Guild Hall 3

Roles and Jobs

What would be of strategy without classes and roles? As expected of a game with tactical encounters, characters in Ars Tactica will be able to learn and master several combat roles and crafting jobs.

Combat skills grouped in classes will gain experience as you use them, becoming stronger and unlocking new abilities. But a character is never bound to a class, the path to perfection is entirely up to you. Keep it simple with well balanced and easy to use classes such as the Fighter and Ranger or come up with intricate combos using specialized ones like the Trapper or Shaman.

Skill Tree

Regardless of classes and skills, each character must play a role in the party. Chose between a front line fighter or a healer, a mage or a protector, a role will improve certain skills and stats while help you organize your squad.



Ars Tactica will feature a mixed crafting system where exploration and leveling plays an important role, but it is ultimately you who define how to progress in the four arts, Blacksmithing, Woodcrafting, Alchemy and Masonry. Either by getting your hands into an schematic or by inverse engineering looted items, a character can learn recipes consisting of one or more parts. The materials you chose for each part and your mastery level will determine the item properties.

Crafting Graph

Journeys and Quests

Set sail into the wild world of Enuma Elis. Discover new resources, landscapes and enemies as you chart the map of this new era.

World Map

Winning is not always about beating our opponents to a pulp. Enjoy the challenge with several battle modes that will test your strategic skills and keep you entertained. Dungeon raiding, resource gathering incursions and building expeditions are just some of the ways to interact with the world.


An Open World

Because no dev team will ever be better than an involved community, Ars Tactica embraces modding and personalization natively. After the first beta versions, once the base code reaches a stable state, a public API and documentation will be available for anyone to download and create mods for the game .

Your Support

The funds raised will be spent on:

Feeding the staff: life support for the team, 3 programmers and a 3D artist for roughly a year when we estimate a first beta version.

Software licenses: although we use a mostly free tool chain, some middleware and engine licenses will be necessary.

Assets: we have identified a bunch of 2D artists and sound assets that would greatly complement our in-house 3D designer to give the game a much better look and feel.

Platform fees: we chose IndieGoGo for its incredible flexibility and open spirit, but some fees are unavoidable.

Still willing to read? Take a peek into The World of Enuma Elis

Enuma Elis is a world where mana, the primal element of every living or nonliving thing, used to flow and surround us. Under the control of mankind, this force was used to perform almost any task, to satisfy almost every need. Indulged in a golden age, humanity was not ready to face the unexpected consequences of a world overflown by magic.

Unrestricted large-scale use of magic against its natural flow forced a state of imbalance. Just as a dam that breaks, the excessive use of mana led to an energy overflow in the environment, inducing a terrible storm that threatened all life on the land. Like throwing oil to the fire, any attempt to contain The Tempest only fuels the flames of its fury, taking with it most of humanity. But suddenly, as if a switch was subtly pressed, all magic ceased to exist. Stripped of their lifestyle and the mana culture, the powerless survivors, now led by their most basic survival instincts, had no choice but to take shelter and wait.

When the storm subsided, the remnants of humanity began to reshape their civilization, no longer dependent on mana but in manual labor, mechanics and rudimentary clockwork devices. Because of this, any knowledge of the arcane arts was lost over the centuries. Only a few selected groups in society were able to maintain the knowledge of mana, safeguarding the most basic magic inscribed in powerful relics.

Ravaged by the The Tempest and deprived of all forms of life, almost 80% of the world were outside human's reach. Any attempt to set foot on this manaless land led to a slow, cold, silent death. With the steady progress of the Deadlands, society lived under the guidance of the Oracle, trying to reach happiness while embracing its inevitable demise.

However, in the 7th Age of the New Era, a time of turbulence known as “The Awakening” alters the pacific life style of the inhabitants of Enuma Elis. As unexplainable as its disappearance, mana starts to reflow allowing humans to use magic again. Now empowered by new technologies, this sudden change rains down a light of hope to humankind.

But any change brings risk and uncertainty, so here is where you rise. As member of the Shadow Hunters, the new order of mana users in Enuma Elis, your mission is to explore the Deadlands to hone our knowledge of mana. Now inhabited by Shadows, vicious beings born from people's mana and shaped by its fears, the Deadlands are drastically changing, bringing new adventures, new horizons.


Good luck with the campaign!!! the game looks interesting, it should be succesful.

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TieSKey Author

Glad you liked it and thanks for your support.
Please consider letting your friends know about us ;)

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i hope this comes out soon!

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TieSKey Author

We hope that too.
It will depend on funding but one thing is certain, we will continue to work on it.

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