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Showcasing our 3D models, for the first time with textures.

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What's happening forum?

So, before we start, we would like to apologize for bad image quality. Our computer broke down so the laptop couldn't handle rendering these, so just keep in mind that they don't look at their best here.

Now, with that being taken care off, we will mostly talk about armour for the beginning, and since we use Japanese terms, here's a scheme that will help you understand what we are talking about in case you don't already know:


Got that?


Now, the show can start!

So here we have just few of many examples of different Yoroi for our mod. They are split in three groups (from left to right), light, medium and heavy, so we should explain each of them.

Yoroi 02

Light armour are worn by regular foot soldiers, as well as some specialized forces that require their protection to be as light as possible like Infiltrators, Scouts, Messengers etc. These armour are usually characterized by simple and lightweight helmet, little to no sode and kote, simplified suneate as well as overall simple design. Their light weight guarantees to not slow down it's wearer much if at all.

Yoroi 03

Medium armour is, as it's name would suggest, sort of jack of all trades. It offers solid protection while not slowing it's wearer too much. It's practical and well balanced design made it extremely popular yoroisamurai class, and majority of them wear these types of armour. These armour usually have reasonably decorated helmet, in some cases with some type of face and/or neck protection, as well as sode. They alwasy have good suneate.

Yoroi 04

Heavy armour leaves very little to be desired in terms of protection, so it's usual armour of choice for lords and high ranking officers, as well as cavalry of certain families. However, that protection comes at a great cost for wearer's speed, so majority of warriors that use this armour tend to fight form horseback. Aside from suneate, they usually wear haidate since that part of leg can get exposed in mounted combat.Considering the fact that this type of armour is exclusively worn by high ranking and well off people, it can get extraordinarily detailed, especially in case of lords, which can have rather unusual and over the top helmets.

Now that we covered basics, we would like to explain a bit about how armour will work in game. We plan to make several armour variation of each class for every big clan(faction) since even though Samurai armies did have certain level of uniformity in Sengoku period, they did not have 100% standardized equipment for their soldiers, and many samurai did have their family armour that didn't always match desired style or colour of their clan. This aspect is very important for us since we are trying to represent faithful version of feudal Japan in our mod (we will talk more about this in one of our future updates). Now, even though for now there are only 3 classes, we are considering an option of adding additional two to a total of 5( low level recruit armour would be separated from light , and daimyo/lord level to be separated from heavy ). In order to make that possible without performance issues though, we will first need to test our mod in-game, so stay tuned about that. Regardless of that however, we will add certain unique historic armour to historical personalities remembered for their armour (Takeda Shingen, Oda Nobunaga, Toyotomi Hideyoshi etc). These armour will be bound to their characters, but we plan to add small quests that would allow the player to get their hands on them.

Now, that being said, let's move to weapons!

Katana 01

Katana 02

The symbol of samurai, daisho, as integral part of samurai culture will be represented as such in our game too. As we mentioned before, in weapon crafting system, many parts like handle colour, hand guard and blade will be modifiable.But of course, while daisho was very important spiritually for samurai, their main battlefield weapons were so called "Nagae Buki" or long weapons:

Nagai Buko 01

There are meany types and styles of them, but for this update, you can see first versions of Yari and Naginata, which are probably the most popular ones.

Now for the finish, we wish to showcase our first inside scene/model

Dojo 02

Dojo 01

We wish to give our players ability to buy and run a dojo in city of their choosing, and earn experience and money from it. While we are not sure if we will be able to implement this option into our game, we will make use for this scene regardless. Of course, this is very first version of this model and we will show more polished one once we start focusing on inside models.

That'd be all for this week, hope you people will enjoy it, until next week!

KimonoWolf Author

Some images didn't appear in the article, we don't know why that is but you can see our sword and heavy armour models in "images"

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