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About giving player and enemies more ways to fight each other.

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Up to this point you were able to craft the following weapons in the first three levels (which the outdated demo spans):

  • Sawgun
  • Chiselgun
  • Chisel MG (upgraded chiselgun)
  • Barrelgun (for one-time use)

Recently I added the so-called salvage ram, which is a fallback melee weapon.

Further I defined simple explosive throwers:

  • Grenade launcher
  • Shrapnel launcher (upgraded grenade launcher)

Both are craftable from the first level on, provided that you have the ingredients.
The grenade launcher's ammo is just explosive (ANFO), whereas the shrapnel launcher's ammo requires chisels or sawblades too.

From level 4 on you'll need more firepower, so I provided a blueprint, which makes use of bolts and drill bits:

  • Boltgun
  • Bolt MG (upgraded boltgun)
  • HV Boltgun (sniping with high velocity; upgraded boltgun)

In levels 4-6 the theme is Constructing as you know. You'll encounter enemies with appropriate tools, which they use as weapons for sure. You have to fight webthrowers, boltguns and welders for example.
And finally you meet security units for the first time. They have real firearms but are fitted with laser scanners too, which you may notice from a distance.

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