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Today I'd like to spotlight another one of the many talented individuals working behind the scenes on Armikrog, this time the uber-talented sound designer who did all the sound effects for our Armikrog demo, the famous Bob Baffy.

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We met Bob years ago at a games show in Chicago when were releasing the first Earthworm Jim, back when he was first getting into the biz. Bob has been doing music and sound design for games for over 15 years -- the list of games he's worked on is huge. If you took all the games Bob has worked on and lined them up end to end they'd reach all the way the the planet Idznak and back. As if that wasn't enough, Bob is a programmer too, so check out the big brain on Bob! Head on over to bobbaffy.com if you want to learn more about his work.So, without further ado, here's a video Bob put together showing you how he created the sounds of Armikrog.

Thanks Bob! -MikeD


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