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Finally, the first video with a demonstration of the gameplay has been released!

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Hey there!

I want to introduce the first full-fledged gameplay trailer of the game under development.
This is Arctrum, fictional world, once beautiful, but now experiencing difficult times...

In the game you control a spherical character with two rubber arms. They can grab almost everything, cling the walls, and are also free to switch to fist mode, which you can destroy the enemy or some obstacles in the way. Also, the character works well with his head, but this can take away quite limited health.

Also i plan to add a few combat skills. In general, a full-fledged skill-tree is planned in the future, but all this must first be carefully considered and balanced.

Hands are controlled separately by left and right mouse button. And the character himself is controlled from the keyboard. Controll is quite simple, but sometimes you need to get used to, to stop confusing the left hand with the right)))

Using and combining two modes of hands, you can quite differently fight evil spirits. They can be grabbed, throwing all kinds of heavy objects at them, throwing them against walls, bang by your head or fists. In the future, perhaps I will add something like weapons that can be dragged in the hand, which will allow us to get rid of evil spirits more efficiently. But this is only in the plans.

Also in the game there is a small quest component, as you can cling to and carry around game objects with your hands. For example, sometimes it will be necessary to find and bring the missing mechanism lever, or find the key to the closed gate.

So, if you like it - please add Arktrum to your wishlist!


Very good!

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