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Today I would like to show you a game that I have been working on and I think you will love if you enjoy grand strategy and RTS games.

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I have always loved strategy games and have sunk hundreds if not thousands of hours into them, but I have always been disappointed with what has been offered in the sci-fi space. I love Stellaris and Endless Space 2, but I want to command the space battles firing torpedos just at the right time to destroy the enemy capital ship, I want to command the ground attack having my heavy tanks sweep the enemy aside. Aries is the game that will let you command your empire from the large scale decisions of empire management to the small scale decisions of battlefield tactics.

A game like this is obviously an extremely complicated undertaking but work has been going well and I believe the key difficulties have been overcome. In most areas of the game, the core systems are already implemented and there are working prototypes for the sections that are not currently in the game.

The campaign map has had the most work so far and contains all of the functions to manage your faction. I am now working to give the AI some intelligence on how to manage there faction, as this is going to be simple logic in the alpha-stat I expect this to be done relatively quickly. Then it is on to adding in the battles based on the prototypes currently built.

Alpha road-map features:

  • Campaign map: The campaign map will serve as the home of your grand strategy and will be a place for you to build up your army and the systems under your control. By the end of alpha, the campaign map will allow you to manage all of your planets, build armies, engage in battles, and have hazards for your army to avoid[Done]
  • General features: By the end of alpha, we intend to have all the general features you would expect in a game, this includes a comprehensive options menu, save and load system, and patch installer.[Done]
  • Research: The research trees will have been fully implemented but may change subject to balancing at beta and road to launch. [Done]
  • AI: The AI is a key part of any great strategy game and we want to make sure ours is a stand out AI that challenges players with smart decisions and not through arbitrary boosts. In alpha, we want to have our AI making some reasonable calls and to be ready to be updated to use machine learning in beta.[Under active development]
  • Diplomacy: We want to have implemented a simple version of the diplomacy system by the end of alpha, and we then plan to improve the decision making in beta.[Not yet started]
  • Battles: We want to be able to play ship and ground battles by the end of alpha, but the AI and balancing of units will likely need significant work in beta and on the road to launch.[Prototype of space battles, the first iteration of land battles]

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Please do watch this project and follow us on Twitter as we hope to put out a new article each month looking into the progress made and the features added.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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