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Here his abilities,i hope he give good fight to others DP Legionaires.

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Here his abilities,i hope he give good fight to others DP Legionaires.

(1) Arhanslaite abilities:

1.Soul Steal (Active) (Q)

BTNArhan 1

Throws ball what deals to target (70\80\90\100\110 + Defence Power) defence damage after damage target loss 80\100\110\120\130 mana.
Ability PASSIVE: After damage Arhanslaite gets extra 25% Defence Power for 5 seconds.

2.Exchange Forces (Active) (W)

BTNArhan 2

Apply mark to target what reduce attack speed by 10%\15%\20%\22%\25% for 5 seconds.
Ability PASSIVE: After cast reduce your armor by 30 and target armor by 50 for 5 seconds.

3.Swift Strike (Active) (E)

BTNArhan 3

Blink to nearby target and after blink target's damage will be decreased by 10\15\20\25\30 for 3 seconds.

4.Techno-Magic Splash (Active) (R)

BTNArhan 4

Arhanslaite deals a horrible blow what deal (170\201\222 + Defence Power) defence damage and slow target's movement speed by 40% and all who stands in 500 AoE from target for 3 seconds.


(2) Recolor

I'm backing to legions war source,in start one of dargon colors be a blue.I'm glad to back the blue style of one of the sides.Also i change the dargon range model.


Thank you for reading,a update 1.27 has coming.

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