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Tainted Fate has been updated for the first time in Early Access! We've added loads of stuff based on your feedback and are working on a lot more. Here are the biggest changes:

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Arena Mode

Played through the story and want a bigger challenge? Don't care about the story mode at all and just want to compete with people from around the world in who will more creatively dismember enemies before the timer runs out? Then this is the mode for you.
But wait, there's a twist! The sacrificial pits you throw enemies in for major points are tricky this time. Every map has a different pit. Sometimes they move, sometimes they're on the ceiling, sometimes they're in an unreachable location...
There are 3 Arena Mode locations - Hell, Island and Crypt with 3 arenas each for a total of 9 new maps.

Online Leaderboards
Take a shot for the top place on the leaderboards of Arena Mode!

More Blood
Blood now trickles from torn limbs longer, the blood particles are bigger.

Censorship Shader

We noticed you like to look at butts and breasts and were disappointed we only put a black box to cover them up. So we added a censorship shader to hide our guillotine victim's private parts <3

Body part highlighting

The body part your hand is touching now gets highlighted with an outline so you know what you're grabbing.

New Level

In preparation for the Final Boss Redux Update we've added a new level before the final boss. There's still functionality missing, but it works.

All changes:
- Arena mode added
- made hell arena 3 maps
- made crypt arena 3 maps
- made island arena 3 maps
- online leaderboards for each arena location in main menu
- blood particles bigger, stay longer
- censorship shader added
- final boss intro level added - needs functionality in next update
- all ambient music now looping
- removed normal maps from rock material detal maps (performance gain)
- reworked many Very High textures in preparation for Graphics Bump Update
- added puzzle pieces in prepration for Puzzles Galore Update
- reworked levels in which minion 1 will have new functionality
- spit anim for final boss
- body part highlighting
- every major character (Aamon, Baal, Lucifer, Decarabia) now has a unique sigil design

-more sigils on levels
-vignetting/tunneling no longer appears while a scene is fading in
-changed icon from Unity default to custom TFate goodness
-fixed scene 18TwistedDimension nav mesh and placed backers to teleport player back if he falls off the level

If you want to see what else we have planned check out this post.
Hope you like the stuff we've added to TFate and see you on the leaderboards!

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