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Now back to work!!! The Game is called Archer Legends.

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We are more familiar with the Blender Game Engine. We worked more on the game but didn´t show you some content. Because we reached the graphical limits on the engine. But we tries some ways around and learned of our mistakes. We improved the graphics with more scripting and got a better look with nice effects.

The game looks now very different as it was. Don´t be scared. All features are not implemented now but they´re come back.

We uploaded a little test for you to play and give us feedback. There is not much in this test just the graphical effects and a little test area.

Now we have more time to develop the game and put our love in the game not like every 360-quickscope-game.

Please give us a bugreport and ideas for the game.

And if you wonder why is this an Adf.ly link. The reason is this is the only thing you need to give us.
Only 5 seconds of you important lifetime. This game is free and never going to be sold.

Some words for this version of the game:
This version is here to show you the graphical improvements of the game. There are new effects and realistic textures and the correct bump- and normalmap and it does not look so wet. Please give us feedback to this versions and to the effects but remember: The blender is not so strong like the frostbite engine. This sentence was to poeple who thik it is easy to make a good looking game.


Downlaodlink: Adf.ly

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