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Arcanix is an online multiplayer TPS game where you battle your enemies with the power of magic.

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Hello, I'm Gabe, lead developer of Arcanix. Currently we are in the final phase of the development and thus the purpose of this Greenlight concept is a bit different from the rest. The first thing we would like to achieve is getting feedback before going live on Greenlight. The second one is to advertise our currently ongoing campaign on Indiegogo. This might be weird, but the reason for the campaign itself is to get financial support. Long story short, we don't have the money for expensive advertisment.

About the game

In Arcanix you can't rely on weapons or martial arts but solely on magic. Spells can be learned and upgraded through a spell tree that resets in every match. There are several different gamemodes but in most of the cases, you are able to spend points on the spells every time you die which makes the game more balanced. The longer you are alive the harder it gets since the other players will be able to upgrade their arsenal of spells. Some of the gamemodes such as Team deathmatch, Capture the point, King of the hill, GunGame are well known but we intend to introduce unique and fun based ones.

For more information about the team and development please visit our indiegogo campaign at : Indiegogo.com

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