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'Arania - Forgotten Lands' rises once more to become an active Infinitus Designs Project!

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That's right, today marks the return of Arania - Forgotten Lands!
We had chosen to abandon the project after realizing the limitations of the previous engine that was used. We have now decided to bring the project back to life by using XNA, so that we may build it from scratch instead of having a shakey foundation to build upon.

We will hopefully be far more active than before, posting new content, talking about features we'll be integrating, and we hope you follow us on moddb.com to keep up to date with it all!

Also, I'll mark the official team behind the starting version of Arania - Forgotten Lands:

Myself (Traslogan) - Head Developer / Programmer
Brqqq - Programmer
Stormherald - Artwork

We'd also like to note that we are on the lookout for people capable of doing 2D sprites/animations with us for Arania - Forgotten Lands.

And if you have any questions about Arania - Forgotten Lands. drop a comment on our main page on moddb.com, or just message Traslogan.

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