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This update gives a brief overview of town building in Arakion.

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Hey Everyone!

This is the first preview of town building! Your town in Arakion plays a vital role in many aspects throughout the game. Town building will be launched in Arakion Alpha2B

Key features in 2B!

  • Building! Although you start with 30 to 40 base buildings you can find tons more! Alpha2B will be launching with around 200 buildings to find and construct.
  • Farming: Grow rations to bring with you on your adventures
  • Mining: Not quite enough ore? Head down to your mines to pickup some more!
  • Pet Sanctuary: Need a place to manage your pets? Why not build a sanctuary.
  • Hero Housing: The core hero housing will be implemented. Each house can be customized and provide additional benefits per hero.
  • And so much more!

Finding blueprints:

Although your town starts with a good number of buildings to place, finding blueprints is key if you want to continue to upgrade and customize your town. Blueprints are found in a multitude of ways but the main three are:

  • Photographing: This is the primary way to find town blueprints. Upon reaching your town you'll be rewarded with a camera. As you explore and adventure through the world of Arakion you can use your camera to find buildable objects to take pictures of. Once you have a picture of this object, take it back to your town and use it as a blueprint to construct from.
  • Achievements: Completing puzzles or other achievements will reward rare buildings that can even upgrade your heroes!
  • In the world: You'll also simply find some blueprints laying around in the world. These are usually well hidden.

As always I'll be glad to answer any questions anyone may have!




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