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Some details and hints regarding the population mechanics in Aquatico, the underwater city builder.

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Aquatico Spotlight

Today, we felt like reaching out and sharing some news from behind the scenes. As you're probably well aware, we're fast approaching the final weeks of development, and the pace in general is seriously increasing. And since we're deep in a million things to prepare for release, we feel maybe we're too quiet. The paradox is that the reality is completely the opposite, there are so much things happening every day now, you wouldn't believe it!

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First of all, since Aquatico release is coming closer, and the game is getting bigger and bigger, we realized some deeper insight into the game mechanics via short videos could be very handy for many players. So, we'll start with the first one today, and offer some details & tips on how Population works, as well as some tricks to manage it more efficiently.

In the coming weeks, we'll cover more game mechanics like this, and once all of them are public, you'll be able to use them as sort of a quick tutorial guides as well.

Stay safe and watch your oxygen levels!

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