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Now with background music, hints, bugfixes, much smaller file size, and more!

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It's been cooking in the oven longer than expected, but now it's ready for consumption! Here's the newest update for Aqua Rhapsody!

New Additions


I've been planning to add music into Aqua Rhapsody for quite some time, but it's been difficult. While I consider myself decent at composing music, it's the actual recording that's the challenge.

Using a fun little program called "Rytmik" for the Nintendo DSi, I was able to put together a short little ditty. I'm not considering this the final music, but rather as placeholder music. It has the basic melody of what is later to be a full song, but that's it.

To turn on the background music, just go into "Settings" and toggle the "Music" switch to "on".


I thought this would be a nice feature for newcomers to the game.

When you get a game over, a random hint will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. These hints tell you about certain features of the game that aren't entirely obvious, strategies you can use in-game, and more.

Right now, there's only 9 hints the game can currently give. I'm in the process of writing more. Feel free to come up with your hints and post them in the comments section. I might just put them in the game!

-Other changes

-Fixed bug where your ship couldn't die in the later levels.
-"Super Clear Bonus" graphics are a bit smoother, and don't slow the game down as much.
-Minor changes to Game Over screen to accommodate the "hints" feature.
-Minor changes to the explosion animation.
-MUCH SMALLER FILE SIZE. I realized that the ambient intro sound was taking up a decent chunk of the file size. I've compressed it down a lot, which results in the game's file size being roughly 18% smaller than v0.26, even with the addition of the background music!

Click Here to play Aqua Rhapsody v0.27!

And as always: Enjoy, give feedback, and spread the word!

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