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The Third installment of tech updates for the month of April.

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Welcome everyone to this weeks tech update! This week is not going to be to picture heavy since there is fine tuning going on with programing but most of the assets are done except those being retextured. Lets get into it!

Joe M. – Programmer

Half-lift collisions have been fixed in conjunction with Kerrigan’s work. All UDK elements have been removed and replaced. The new magnet actors are almost complete.

John – Senior 3D Artist

Finished new traversal hallways. Finished new textures to replace some of the older ones. General art and prop clean up.

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Allison – Lead 3D Artist

Completed all the artwork for in game achievements. Is almost done with all trading card artwork.

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Joe W. – Lead Designer

Has be checking puzzle continuity as well as teaming up with members for troubleshooting and work sessions. Two or three heads is better than one!

Kerrigan – Junior Level Designer

The half-lift collisions have been fixed. New modifications have been made to some of the lower blocks. Water overflow has been corrected for the water plant in the lower blocks.

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Don't forget to check out our newly redesigned Youtube page. April 19th at 7PM EST Allison will be joining Maris on our twitch channel for the final installment of The History of UnderEarth. Catch it at www.twitch.tv/crackerjackgames..

-The UE Team

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