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Hey fans, it's another month and that means a new character update! Introducing, Jason Krigg

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Jason was once a 22 year old international champion specializing in Muy Thai. Having won over a dozen championship battles he was thought of as the greatest Muy Thai fighter on the planet. His moves were agile like lightning, and equally powerful. One day, a championship battle took place. If he were to win this battle; Jason would break the world record of consecutive championships won in his sport of Muy Thai. Before the battle was to take place, Jason was approached by a crooked manager, proposing that he throw the match and lose.

Enraged at such a suggestion, he took the manager by his throat and in a deep and menacing tone claimed he would never throw a fight. The manager warned him through a hiss that if he didn’t, he would never see his baby sister again. Scoffing, Jason delivered a devastating kick to the managers ribs, causing them to cave in and killing him instantly. Jason then went on to fight in the match. He won, thus breaking the world record, and called his sister to tell her the good news. A mysterious man answered the phone and confirmed Jason would never see his sister again for winning the match. Jason did not heed the managers words, therefore, his sister would now pay the price. She would be sold to the slave market for Jason’s disobedience.

Jason searched passionately for his sister. A burning rage lodged deep inside his heart. Three years passed with no trace. As hope faded from his body a dark messenger approached him. He was then informed his search was over. He would reunite with his sister...but only after he won a certain tournament. Hearing this news, Jason decided to fight once again. This time, he would not let her down.

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