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As mentioned in our last update, we have a LOT of changes planned between now and the big Alpha testing period in July. This summary covers the first installment of post-March-Alpha changes.

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These changes were rolled out to the Fertility live server when it restarted on April 21st. Fertility is available for our esteemed development supporters. If you're interested in trying out Das Tal without paying anything, visit our Alpha test sign-up page.

New Features

  • Added an “event calendar” (hotkey H) to the game that shows you all currently active and upcoming game events.
  • Added a “Power level indicator” before your character name. It goes from C (complete newbie) to A++ (top 5% of all players). This indicator is an amalgation of your play time, equipment quality, ability levels and K/D-ratio.
  • Removed “over time” experience and replaced it with a “sliding scale” XP multiplier that gives you more XP when behind the power curve and less XP when hitting the soft cap.
  • There is now a +100% “rested” XP bonus for the first 1000 active and item XP every day to make it easier for casual players to keep up.
  • You can now upgrade your personal stash to store up to 4.800 units of weight - if you can pay for it.
  • Added a “Doy ou want to be resurrected?” popup to avoid rez-ganking.
  • Settlement ruins now unlock for claiming over the course of the first days of the game server. Check the event calendar for the exact times.
  • Clan leaders can now hand over clan lead (and all their votes) to another clan member.
  • Donation tents now give point multipliers of between 200% and 300% during prime time.
  • Added a new “Manager” role for clans that allows non-leaders to change the access rights for buildings.
  • Added an “abandon settlement” option for clan leaders.

Screen Shot 2016 04 22 at 7 15 2

Ability Changes

  • Added range markers for the Lonely Prowl and Hide abilities.
  • Ghost form now gives you resistance against mental damage but exposes you to physical damage.
  • Mark target does not increase determination anymore.
  • Reduced the damage buff provided by Mark Target and Shatter.
  • Reduced the max damage of Snipe but increased the min damage.
  • Slighty reduced the duration and strength of Ensnaring Shot.

Balancing Changes

  • You can now create up to three different characters per server.
  • Decreased attack speed for melee mobs, giving melee newbies some more breathing room.
  • Decreased duration of the “jailor siege” phase of the world end event form 60 to 30 minutes.
  • Decreased maximium opportunities tracked from 5 to 3.
  • Recall and resurrect cast times are back to their original values.

Visual Changes

  • New / improved VFX for: Ensnaring Shot, Hemorrhaging Chain, Lightning Bolt, Toxic Spray, Freedom, Captivating Sprint.
  • Fixed a bug in the animation system that made your character “burrow” in the ground sometimes.
  • Re-added a missing VFX for the Transform Pain ability.

Screen Shot 2016 04 22 at 7 15 3

Usability Changes

  • Started working on the UIs for small events and resource camps to properly display time stamps and capture bars.
  • The coordinates in the bottom right of the world map are now readable again.
  • The clan member list now shows online clan members first.
  • Added a system message when someone captures your small event.

Map Changes

  • Fixed a hole in the wall of the north-eastern settlement.
  • Fixed a missing collider that allowed you to leave the world map in the north-east.

Misc Changes & Bug Fixes

  • Teleportation abilities no longer allow you to squeeze through very tight spaces.
  • Fixed a bug that showed the “storm of death” everywhere on the map from the first seconds of the end fight.
  • Fixed a bug that showed wrong donation values inside the donation tent.
  • You can now send clan invites to players who are already in a clan.
  • Fixed a bug in the “smart target” system where some abilities hit the wrong (dead) targets.
  • Fixed some bugs in the chat and chat bubble systems.
  • You now longer use your default attack when clicking on a UI button.
  • Players and clans now gain XP when capturing small events (meteors, carcasses).
  • Removed the XP use stack bonus.
  • You can now claim small events (meteors, carcasses) for your clan, not only for yourself.
  • Clan-less players can now claim resource camps and refineries for themselves.
  • +8 Splint mail now properly costs 800 clay instead of 80.
  • Players do no longer respawn inside of tar pits and other large colliders.

Screen Shot 2016 04 22 at 7 14 1

Performance Improvements

  • The patcher is now faster when not patching and will automatically restart when encountering problems.
  • Reduced the grass density which should lead to better performance for players with weaker hardware.
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