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Life's been wild, haven't had much time to do game dev work. Life should become considerably less wild soon. I hope. Maybe.

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Sorry for the lack of updates. Life has been wild and a lot has happened. I now have 7 rabbits instead of 5. Oops.

Doing a lot of volunteer work at the shelter. I am tired and sore.

Lady now has some flourish effects, though - I added some functionality to make her easier to test. She now has a siren that plays when she attacks and she has a material animation that I think is a nice touch. She also just has kind of a. Nice material animation in general, now. I'm going to do the same for the others eventually. Ehh I also know I shouldn't even be working on stuff like that at the moment, but hey. I just fixed a huge issue. I'm allowed to goof off a bit.

Anyway. Hm.

Hoping to have something of substance for you Monday.

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