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Post news RSS April 15 Update: The Polish One

Self-Love: The Thrivening has grown up! With a slew of polish updates and mechanic advancements, we're putting our best foot forward with this deliverable.

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Hello everyone!!

Self-Love: The Thrivening is comin' at you red hot this week!


Students and professors, friends and enemies - the updates you have all been waiting for...!

  • Multimonitor has LANDED! Requested by many, anticipated by all - we are ready for full informational asymmetry and cross-monitor yelling.
  • We are fully devoted to being a 4-player game. Two players is not it, three is not quite there, five is straight up - four.
  • Our guidance system locked and loaded. In addition to existing, it is finally hooked into gameplay, so we helpfully listen for when our advice has been heeded before moving forward.
  • The outside map has expanded, offering the students a whole new world to explore for the resources they need!
  • The body map has had a makeover, immersing you in a world of ambiguous biology.
  • Cameras now focus on and follow a single character, giving you a greater sense of pride and accomplishment as you navigate your new, exciting surroundings.
  • Movement has gotten a facelift: the student can now do something besides moonwalk, and their heart can now slip'n'slide around as if in a wet world.


Re:multimonitor: We've made up our mind about who we are. We finally were able to commit to the notion of multimonitor, and so we dedicated ourselves to getting it done. And it was done.

Re:four-player: We need two people for communication. We need two teams for a competitive aspect. Two times two gives us our perfect counting number.

Re:maps: A lot of our work, even if it was mechanically fine, would not convince players if the maps/aesthetics were as terrible as they were last time. The student's world could not continue being four corners of a single screen - now they have places to go, things to see, cars to be hit by (again, but more logically). The body map, before, was simply and utterly unconvincing. Now with a more consistent, body-oriented style, as well as a parallax background effect, the body goes much further in telling players just where they are.

The outside map is shared between the players to encourage confrontation.


  • MORE Polish The juice is going to be over the TOP!
  • Spawn and Movement Tuning Balancing this game will be a task all its own.

Thanks for tuning in!!

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