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The short video and description of game ability to produce hundreds of dynamic lights at one time. We can image a dark cave with lots of skylights or with many colorful glowing crystals. It could be also a robot's modern factories with many lamps and diodis. And it's still fully 2D game.

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The video below showing the game capability to produce many colorful lights that can lighting a creatrue in a total darkness. Each of lights has 30 parameters, that describe some features of light's behavior, for example: light strange, halo, redius, shining, color and color influence of light's color, density of darknes, shadow,... Combination of these gives effect of light from 3D point relative to creature (other object).

In a game's options we can chose an device, that will be calculate lights (and some other filtering). They are: CPU nad all GPUs that can use OpenCL library. Also in options there is an option "Pixel filter use backbuffer". If we turn on this option, then filtering could be work faster (with multi thread CPU), but can happen some bugs.

On video below You can see a big difference between CPU and GPU usage.

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