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Just some explaining I need to do as well as a little secret just for you guys :)

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Hey, what's going on? It's the mod creator here with some news for ya'. So, LLLLEEEEEETTTTTT'SSSS GEEEETTTT ROOOOOOIIIIIIGHHHHHHHHTTTTT INTO THE NEWS!


So, I have come to a decision. Since I am the nerdy mod creator who made this mod out of the blue and I probably have no clue as to what troops should be in, I'll leave it up to you guys. Now be AWARE, this is a trial to see if I can trust you. If I can't trust you then, no cookies and suggestions for you. I will set the faction for this trial for you all. The faction will be the Player faction. I'll have to see how to add these player soldiers in without TOTALLY destroying a faction. Also, as a quick add on, you know those dumb kings who are like "I will not be at peace with you even though you somehow seized half my holdings in a month! Off you go now, take more of my castles!" Well, I will announce that I will make these guys less resilient. So that way factions don't have to be totally annihilated in order to win a war. Now, back to the main subject. I'll be setting up a suggestion forum, that is the easiest way to submit a suggestion. Or, you can shoot me a message or comment below this article.


So, why have I been not updating for a while you might ask? Well, I shall tell you. I'm like Donald Trump, I get bored quickly. Boredom is one of my vices. However, I feel extremely guilty whenever I see that dang pencil on my desktop! So, please forgive me. No? If you forgive me I'll give you a cookie. No? I'll give you two. THREE! FOUR! A WHOLE PLATE AND A CHERRY PIE!


I will tell you that there will be a new faction coming as well. I will tell you where it is, you ready? It's along the Swadian-Rhodok border. I wanted to add a faction there to "persuade" Swadia to let the Rhodoks live a little longer. Also, I'll probably cancel out all wars, but that I wanna put in your hands. Just pass the trial above and I'll let ya' vote.

That's about it folks. I'll see ya' around.

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