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Sent to a Blacksite to re-establish lost contact and retrieve secret research data, your mission takes a turn for the worse. Welcome to Apocalypse Z where players take control of a character from an elite unit. The game is a Top Down 3D RPG shooter with basic crafting elements.

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Apocalypse Z 950x150

Hi Folks,

Still plodding along with AZ. Adding new features etc.

Getting very close to a playable prototype now - which is exciting!!

Looking to get some feedback before I power down the computer for Festive break...

Wall Fade (Diablo Style)

I have added the ability for the player to be able to keep a constant eye on the action at all times. So when the character approaches walls and potentially goes out of player view - we wouldn't know what was happening in that part of the level surroundings - until now...

That said, it is here that I would appreciate the feedback from the community.

If you watch the first 30 seconds of the following video, you will get an idea of what I am working towards:

Below I will add several images and explanations and then hope to hear your feedback on the matter.


Would it be better to have a complete wall fade? Where the wall completely fades out to a disappear (as seen in the above picture). Or have a partial fade? The player will be able to see through but will know there is still a wall blocking his path (as seen below).


Or then we have the options of a full fade but having a visual aid representing the cut away wall.


Above we can see a full wall fade, and a cut away portion of the wall has been left as a visual aid, to show the player that they can not traverse through the walled off region.


Above image shows again a complete wall fade, but with beams (like steel girders or a stud frame etc.) acting as a visual aid, again to show the player that they can not traverse through the invisible wall!


Above shows both a cut away style wall and steel girders to represent a wall that has been hidden, so that the player can see more of their surroundings while moving behind otherwise action blinding walls!

Have your say via the poll: VOTE (voting to close Christmas Eve at 9pm GMT)

Thanks for taking time out to read, and I hope to see your votes, to help me decide what type of wall fade to put into production. As always be sure to track game for future updates. I also have a website and other social media pages for you to stay up to date with the game progress. So like, subscribe, follow and favourite, and I will be back soon...

Happy gaming and a Very Merry Christmas to you all!

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