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Sent to a Blacksite to re-establish lost contact and retrieve secret research data, your mission takes a turn for the worse. Welcome to Apocalypse Z where players take control of a character from an elite unit. The game is a Top Down 3D RPG shooter with basic crafting elements.

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Apocalypse Z 950x150

So it seems to have been a long while again since the last update,

Have no fear, work is continuing on this title - and at a little bit of a quicker pace now too.

Just thought I would update those still interested on the current progress of AZ.

Below I will add several videos of the progress I have made so far, and then briefly explain the video also.

Flashlight System

I have added a prototype flashlight in the game. This will be further expanded upon with battery drain and the ability to collect/craft more batteries to allow the torch to carry on being used. Giving a bit more realism than just an always on torch.


I have added a mini-map system to the game prototype. This is a real-time top down view of the player in game. Just feel it gives that extra bit of depth to the game, while allowing the player to have another view of their nearby surroundings. I will probably work more on this at some point but at the moment it is in a fully prototyped stage.

Mission/Quest System

The objectives/mission system is also now in place and allows the player to receive missions from NPC's as well as updated waypoints when entering certain areas. This will be further expanded upon at a later date. I felt it was important to get this prototyped as quickly as possible to allow potential players a view of what the game will hold in store for them. On completing some of the assigned tasks etc. players will be rewarded with additional XP points too. Allowing them another means to help level up faster.

Inventory System

The next part I want to show off is the early stages of the in game inventory. This allows for the player to collect items within the game as well as the ability for same items to stack. The minimum functions are operational in this prototype so far, but allows the player to currently pick up items in game. This will be expanded upon further in the coming days to allow items to be used/equipped etc. A sneak preview also shows off the beginnings of the in game credit system which will allow players to upgrade/improve some of the items they find within the game...

I hope this has been enough to grab your interest in Apocalypse Z more?

Things still to be prototyped on my ever growing list are:

  • Better AI
  • Melee system
  • Crafting workbench to upgrade weapons etc.
  • In game store to purchase better weapons and gear.
  • In game lore items to build upon the story further and set the scene.
  • Weapon attaching and equipping.
  • & much, much more...

Thanks for stopping by, and don't forget to share the project with as many people as possible...



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ninjacupcakeindie Author

Thanks :)

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Looking great man! :)

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ninjacupcakeindie Author

Thanks chap, it's getting there :)

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