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Quick update containing some additions and a Pre-Alpha gameplay test video.

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Apocalypse Z 950x150

Hello again,

Very quick update...

I just wanted to drop by to show that the project is still being worked on. Also to show what has been worked on so far in my spare time.

Loot-able Locker Light test:

Video shows off the interaction of objects in the world. In this example it shows that of a Loot-able Locker, upon interaction the blue locker light will change to red. This displays to the player that the locker has been looted and is no longer interact-able.

Loot spawn on Locker interaction:

Video above shows the player interacting with a Locker, upon interaction a item is spawned into the world ready for player to collect. In this example body armour and a health kit is spawned and then collected by Player - which reflects on the player HUD.

Early (VERY) Pre-Alpha Gameplay Test:

Finally the video below displays the current playable test state of Project AZ. The video shows off some of the systems currently added to the game:

  • Player & Enemy health/damage systems
  • Player levelling system
  • Exp system
  • Item spawning system
  • Health & Armour pickups
  • & much more...

Future Progress...

I know I stated this before, but hopefully next on my task list is getting a basic set of weapons implemented, as well as fine tuning the Enemy A.I to have a little bit more intelligence. Not to much though that they overthrow the world. :P


For anybody that is interested, I have set up a PayPal funding app on my website (Homepage). This is for anyone who feels they would like to donate to help get this project up and running faster. This isn't a beg for money as I am happily progressing without it. However, what it will do is help that progress come along much faster:

The pledge app can be found on my Homepage next to the teaser video for Apocalypse Z. Anybody that does donate to help this project will have my eternal gratitude, and will be featured in the closing credits of the game.

Final words

If anyone could share the hell out of this project also, that would be great. I need as many people to be interested in this as possible - this helps the motivation!

When shared this also helps out little indie devs like me massively. As we do not have the following or budgets that triple A companies do.


For more ramblings find - and FOLLOW/LIKE/ADD/SUB/VOTE (wow) - me on

That's it for now folks, happy creating!

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