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In this small update I show off a small working prototype.

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Apocalypse Z 950x150

Good weekend to you all,

Its been a manic few weeks here with trying to get AZ closer to a playable alpha state. So to add some more motivation to myself, I thought I would drop by and place an update as to how things look at present.

In the video below I show off the current progress so far - yes there are no shiny visuals I know! This is a prototype set up to allow me to get bits created quickly to see how they work when implemented into the environment - but hey, I'm sure most of us know this already! :P

Systems displayed in the video and that are now at an acceptable prototype level are:

  • The player health system.
  • The player armour system.
  • The levelling and exp system - currently only increase health on level up.
  • The prototype HUD with health, armour and exp bars. As well as player image holder and player level counter.
  • Dialogue system.
  • Basic interaction system
  • Doors - many types including lockable and destructible.
  • Key cards to unlock doors.
  • Basic patrol and follow AI - will be swapped out for strolling zombieeees!
  • Grey box starting level.

I am now currently working on:

  • Inventory (70%)
  • Crafting (20%)
  • Floating health bars for enemy (95%)
  • Enemy attack functions (15%)
  • Enemy health system (90%)
  • Enemy level (0%)
  • Splash screens (100%)

Soon to be started:

  • Object highlighting
  • Wall fading when player is stood behind and out of immediate view.
  • Loot drops
  • Equipping system
  • Mini-map
  • Menus

With many more features to come in the process of getting AZ off the ground. I really am enjoying using and learning more of the blueprints system in Unreal Engine 4. It really does make bringing my project to life much more quicker...

Sorry for the lack of pictures and more content, it's coming... Soon...

Happy Indie dev to you all until next time :)

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