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The final alpha version of Apocalypse Not has been released and includes more zombies, more skills, more guns, and more to explore. The game continues to make great strides towards becoming a full game and after this release the next version will be considered Beta versions.

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After a 3 whole weeks the next release of Apocalypse Not is ready to go. In version 0.0.25 you'll find more zombies, more areas to explore, more weapons, and a new skill system that allows you to level up your character and gain new abilities. This release also marks the final release where the game will be considered to be in an Alpha state. This is discussed more below but for now, check out the new version of the game which is already available on the Official Website or wait for it to show up on the IndieDB page.

If you haven't already seen the game or the newest release video view it below to see some of the new features in action.

Above on the left you'll see a little profile shot of the new scout sniper rifle waiting to be plucked off the shelf so it can start popping zombie heads. This is one of the 3 new weapons waiting for you in this update. There is also a bat and a Glock 17 available. The aiming system has gotten a slight rework as well. Aiming now works by holding down the aim button to aim and releasing when you're finished. There is also a small cross-hair used for melee weapons as well to make them a bit more user friendly.

You can also see in the center, a new menu for the new skill system. 3 new skills are now available and provide various bonuses for gaining levels. One such benefit is stealth, which gives you the ability to more easily sneak around enemies without being noticed. Toughness reduces damage taken from enemy attacks, and strength increases the damage done by melee attacks. One skill point is awarded per level and can be assigned at any time through the new menu.

To the right you'll see the beautiful back area of the laboratory area which now has a load of new spawners. The area has become infested with zombies, and some survivors may be hiding there as well. In fact, the entire map will seem to have more zombies now as the maximum number of enemies has been raised to increase the amount of action. Their AI range has also been increased to make avoiding them a bit more difficult.

And as usual, several bug-fixes have been included in the release. Zombies will no longer appear to be floating when you first find them. The weapon zoom issues no longer exist, and glass now properly makes a shattering sound upon being broken. The police station geometry issues have been corrected, and collisions with the objects in the lab buildings are working properly now as well.

The next release will include a research system to provide various improvements to your new civilization. Also the inclusion of a saving system so you can pick up games where you've left off should really add to the experience. Because of these major features along with the fact that the basics of the game are now in place, the next release will be considered Beta 1. As always I thank everyone who follows the game and appreciate all of the comments and suggestions I've received over the past few months. The game is only getting better so stick with me.

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