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Another day spent tweaking the API infrastructure to put in more security and make it easier to code the APIs themselves. Galaxy Generation is now in place, and Game Creation logic is on the near horizon!

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Last news post, I stated:

> Hopefully this foundation is good enough to get the other APIs cranked out in short order so that I can make more progress on the front end again.

Well, as all things related to game programming, it wasn't quite that ready.

I've made the API infrastructure much more mature and robust. It now requires less code to implement a new API, so that should help out.

After working on that most of the day, I spent the rest of the day porting the first (of many!) galaxy generation algorithms from our old platform to the new one. We decided that galaxy generation should be a client side operation instead of server side this time. That will allow people to keep generating new maps as much as they want while creating a new game without adding server pressure.

Of course, the trick is that they only generate the "look and feel" of the game, and not the actual contents...we take the map they generate and actually populate it on the server. Otherwise, a handy game creator could have a severe advantage over the other players.

With that in play, I think we are ready to get the "Create Game" API started. Exciting times ahead!

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