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Revived maps, economy changes, infantry and vehicle balances, and more! Full details posted with the log.

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Hey everyone! Apologies for the long wait, but the next patch is finally here! Sadly, some of the maps I wanted to get in had to be left out since I didn't want to delay the patch any longer, but you'll get them soon enough. On to the changes!


Red Alert: A Path Beyond Changelog

In-game shot


  • Fixed a client crash involving excessive weapon decals on complicated meshes (such as the MCT).
  • Fixed a server crash involving vehicle spawners.
  • AI units will now react to weapon firing sounds, bullet impact sounds, explosion sounds, vehicle sounds and infantry run sounds.
  • Implemented a new event involving some forgotten old part-time friends of both the Allies and Soviets.
  • Updated copyrights and credits for the ~current year~


  • AI Ore truck now moves as fast as a player ore truck, turns better than before, and is harder to ram/block.
  • Ore truck harvesting time increased from 26.5 to 33.3 seconds (2 more animation cycles, and every 2 animation cycles is now equivalent to 1 "pip" of ore out of the 5 you can carry)
  • Ore dump income reduced from 500 to 350. (1000 to 700 for mixed fields, 1500 to 1400 for gem fields.)
  • Ore truck health reduced from 800 to 600.
  • Ore trucks now have their own armour class, taking 25% less damage from LAW/RPG-7 and AT mines (evening out the Ore Truck's HP drop for these units), ~17% less damage from Longbows, and 40% more damage from Hinds.
  • Player ore truck cost reduced from 1000 to 700.
  • Ore truck damage credits reduced from 200 to 140.
  • Starting credits increased from 200 to 350.
  • Supply Truck cost increased from 200 to 300.
  • Sergeant/Starshina cost increased from 100 to 150.
  • Rocket Soldier/RPG Trooper cost increased from 300 to 400.
  • Fixed Soviet AI ore truck erroneously moving slower than Allied.
  • Fixed Soviet AI ore truck erroneously having 25% more health than others (and subsequently giving out 25% more points/credits).
  • The time at the start of the match during which donations are not allowed has been reduced from 3 to 2 minutes, as the ore truck will now rarely take more than 2 minutes to deliver its first dump.
  • The end results of all this:
    • Ore truck income over time is barely changed, but it comes in more frequent bursts (plus the truck doesn't have as much trouble with slopes as before). As a general rule, due to the fixing of the Soviet truck, Soviet economy will be slightly faster than before whereas Allied will be slightly slower.
    • Trucks are easier to raid due to lower HP and longer harvesting time, but any failings in pressure can easily give the enemy a dump due to the much faster travel.
    • Gems are more worthwhile due to the proportionally higher income compared to ore (though player OTs are no faster than before); however they are more risky due to the trucks' lower HP.
    • Early game infantry rushes can be deployed much quicker and use a wider variety of infantry, as you can buy captains, rocket soldiers and flamethrowers right away. On some maps it may be possible to strike the Ore Truck early; watch out for this and make sure to spread money around the team for tanks if you do lose your first OT!
    • Since the first dump happens about 50 seconds earlier than before, people waiting for vehicles will not have to spend as long standing around.
    • Mammoths/teslas will be delayed a bit more on KOTG and Ridge War, as the first mixed dump now only puts you around ~1350 credits instead of ~1600.
    • Even with the lowered first dump income, both teams can still get medium/heavy tanks if they save their money, though heavy tanks may be delayed by 5-15 seconds on some maps - best put your rifle soldier/technician to use and acquire a few credits from combat or repairs! Alternatively just ask for a small donation from someone else.


  • Engineer C4 damage to pads/silos up by 33% (0.375 -> 0.5); will now kill ore silos in 2 charges, as well as helipads as long as they are not repaired/CYed.
  • Repair Tool and Golden Wrench now repair defenses 25% slower.
  • AK-47, flamethrower, PKM, RPG, strela, shock rifle and TOZ now take 0.5 seconds to ready (after exiting sprint or switching weapons) just like their Allied equivalents, instead of 1 second.
  • M16/AK-47 target range up from 95m to 100m (appropriate for its actual range)
  • Remington 870/TOZ-194 reload time increased from 3 to 3.33 seconds.
  • TOZ-194 secondary fire pellet count down from 12 to 10, bringing total damage down from 120 to 100 (DPS against structures is unaffected)
  • TOZ-194 secondary fire inaccuracy down from 9 to 7.5
  • LAW/RPG-7 inaccuracy when jumping up from 1 to 2.
  • LAW projectile velocity up from 100 to 125m/s.
  • Flamethrower target range up from 85m to 90m (appropriate for its actual range)
  • MP5-N reload time reduced from 2.35 to 2.1 seconds.
  • Medic Kit now heals infantry armour at 50% of its infantry health healing speed (was 10%).
  • Enfield now takes 1 second to ready after sprinting/switching (matches Dragunov's previous ready time).
  • Enfield/Dragunov inaccuracy when standing still is reduced from 0.15 to 0.1
  • Enfield/Dragunov now has very minor inaccuracy when crouch-walking (0 -> 0.03). Crouching in place still results in perfect accuracy.
  • Enfield/Dragunov inaccuracy when jogging/walking is increased from 0.25 to 0.33.
  • Engineer mine detection range up from 30m to 37.5m.
  • Engineer mine detector now pings every second instead of 2 seconds.
  • Clearing Charges velocity up from 15 to 25m/s (i.e. throwing range almost doubled).
  • Clearing Charges now take 1 second to detonate and 2 seconds to reload.
  • Shock Rifle damage to light vehicles down by 25% (1 -> 0.75). This affects supply/demo trucks, MRJs, Rangers, Artilleries/V2s. Shock Troopers now need one more hit to kill most of these (2 more hits for MRJs, 0 more hits for demos).
  • Shock Rifle damage to stealth vehicles down by 9% (1.375 -> 1.25); this has no impact on shots needed to kill or unstealth by himself, just makes him slightly less powerful when assisted by small arms.
  • Volkov AT cannon target range up from 90 to 95m (range up from 76 to 80 to match)
  • Kovtillery damage down from 42.5 to 40.
  • Added .9935's FIM-92 Stinger as a Deathmatch/Domination weapon; it's essentially a single-barreled Destroyer (with a scope), so it has great range, decent splash power, and tracking (which is useless versus inf, but may have other applications...) but has a loud report and highly visible trail.
  • Spy's Radar Dome infiltration ability now only lasts for 5 minutes; radar will go down again afterwards. You can re-infiltrate before the timer runs out to reset it.


  • AP mine detection range up from 4.5m to 6m.
  • AP mine damage up from 250 to 300.
  • MRJ/MGG/Demo Trucks that have turned neutral will now count towards the build limit.
  • Mobile Gap Generator health now has the "stealth vehicle" armour class, making it more vulnerable to Tesla weapons.
  • Cargo Truck (which you may or may not have seen moderators spawn in, and is now featured on Pipeline) now has the same ammo/armour restoring properties as a Supply Truck.
  • V2 straight shot range down from 200m to 190m (no longer significantly overshoots its 225m targeting range)
  • Hind range up from 81m to 83m (now only slightly overshoots its 100m target range instead of being almost "perfect", as that is actually bad for tracking retreating targets)
  • Ranger/APC targeting range down from 110m to 105m (same as handheld machineguns); actual range is decreased to match as well.
  • Ranger magazine size up from 50 to 100.
  • Ranger damage multiplier to buildings down from 0.175 to 0.15 (no DPS change due to mag size change)
  • Ranger damage multiplier to MCTless buildings down from 0.225 to 0.1875 (DPS down by ~3% after mag size change)
  • Ranger damage multiplier to defenses down from 0.2 to 0.1875 (DPS up by ~9% after mag size change)
  • Ranger physics adjusted; is now much grippier, has tighter handling, and is less likely to get stuck or flipped when hitting rocks.
  • APC health up from 300 to 400.
  • APC minimum weapon tilt loosened from -15 to -22.5.
  • APC now equipped with M2 Browning heavy machinegun; DPS is a little worse than Ranger's M60 when up against MCTless buildings and light vehicles, and reduced fire rate makes it worse at dealing with infantry than the Ranger, but it handles everything else better; it takes out main buildings only a little slower than a medium tank, and takes out mines, air units and mammoths noticeably faster than before (though that last bit's not saying much given how they matched up against mammoths before) and has a little splash damage against the mines too. Great for finding them and breaking into buildings!

New weapon for the APC

Browning M2

  • Light Tank reload time down from 1.2 to 1.1666~ seconds.
  • Light Tank now carries a passenger.
  • Light Tank target range up from 105m to 110m (appropriate for its actual range)
  • Medium Tank direct damage down from 75 to 70
  • Medium Tank splash damage down from 17.5 to 15
  • Medium Tank reload time down from 2 to 1.9 seconds.
  • Tesla Tank direct damage up from 200 to 210.
  • Tesla Tank splash damage down from 20 to 17.5.
  • Tesla Tank can now aim up to 37.5 degrees down (was 22.5) so it no longer has uphill/point-blank blind spots (just behind).
  • Tesla Tank radar jamming range up from 100m to 137.5m.
  • Tesla Tank damage to light vehicles down by 25% (1 -> 0.75). This affects supply/demo trucks, MRJs, Rangers, Artilleries/V2s. This doesn't affect their number of shots to kill anything (except MRJs) unless they're expecting a teammate to deal the remaining damage.
  • Tesla Tank damage to stealth vehicles up by 9% (1.375 -> 1.5); this is enough for TTs to knock Phase Tanks and MGGs into red health, thus disrupting their stealth and making their target box visible, in one hit. So there's your MGG counter!
  • Tesla Tank range up from 120 to 125m.
  • Tesla Tank max speed down from 11.1 to 10.1m/s (-9%)
  • All naval units have more HP (Gunboat/Attack Sub 200 -> 300, Destroyer 400 -> 500, Missile Sub 150 -> 200, LST 200 -> 500 but has 0 armour), but no longer have an innate resistance to pretty much every non-naval weapon, which should make them easier to balance. End result is that the gunboat/attack sub are a little more tough against almost everything (though not quite as much as the extra HP makes them look), the missile sub is barely changed, while the destroyer/LST are a little more fragile against everything, especially LST against small arms/base defenses.
  • LST no longer gets treated as "heavy vehicle" by AIs, so pillboxes and flame towers will prioritise them over other naval units.
  • LST max speed up from 14 to 14.9m/s (+6%)
  • Gunboats now use the Beta method for depth charges - secondary fire, launched from the main turret that conveniently doubles as an invisible depth charge catapult. Pretty much every method with an iota of realism has been tried over the past year and none of them have worked so this is what you get.
  • Gunboat cannon damage up from 45 to 70
  • Gunboat cannon reload time up from 1 to 1.333~ seconds.
  • Gunboat range up from 87.5m to 90m (no longer falls JUST short of its 110m targeting range)
  • Gunboat depth charge damage up from 90 direct to 80 direct + 80 splash (25 radius, no dropoff!)
  • Gunboat depth charge damage multiplier to all non-naval units has been nerfed from its default 100% since they can actually HIT non-naval units now. Not going to bother with the full list of multipliers but suffice to say it's not particularly effective against any of them.
  • Gunboat max speed down from 15.1 to 14.5m/s (-4%)
  • Attack Sub damage up from 70 to 90.
  • Attack Sub range down from 120 to 115.
  • Attack Sub torpedoes no longer pierce armour, so their damage is slightly harder for the target to notice.
  • Attack Sub now fires torpedoes one at a time instead of in bursts of two.
  • Attack Sub projectile extensions greatly reduced (was 1m, now 0.1x/0.1y/0.4z m)
  • The depth threshold at which submarines get treated as submerged (gaining massive resistances but a weakness to depth charges and an inability to fire) has been lowered by 0.5m; it should be much harder to "bob-fire" with Attack Subs now.
  • Destroyer and Missile Sub now have unguided "airburst" secondary fires, which launch missiles high into the air and rain down some distance ahead, exploding before impact with the ground. Good for hitting units on tall terrain like CI's island or HW's icebergs! The airbursts have a very specific trajectory, so you'll need to be at a very specific range to use them effectively, which is much shorter than the primary's maximum range.
  • Destroyer/Missub splash radius down from 15 to 13.
  • MAD Tanks no longer turn neutral (which made it possible for teammates to hurt them and stopped them giving points) a while after deploying.
  • Demo Trucks no longer prematurely detonate if the driver causes an explosion near them with their infantry weapon.
  • Chinook max forward/reverse speed down from 20.6 to 20m/s (-3%)
  • Chinook max ascent/descent speed up from 7.75 to 10m/s (+29%)
  • Chinook max yaw velocity up from 45 to 55 degrees (now takes 7 seconds to complete a full 360 degree turn; previously took a little over 8 seconds)


  • Helipads now properly lose their refill zone when destroyed.
  • War Factory exterior pipes/water barrels should be impossible to get stuck on now.
  • Pillbox now has hitscan bullets and kills heavy vehicles 15% faster. However it no longer damages submerged subs. (AI priority should help it out here when choosing between subs and infantry/soft vehicles as AI treats subs as "heavy vehicles".)
  • Tesla Coil direct damage down from 180 to 160.


  • New APC gun sound from Killing_You.
  • Tanya's C4 taunt is now on a delay to separate it from the EVA announcement.
  • Tanya's damage taunts now include her RA "Chew on this" and her iconic laugh.
  • Medic's purchase voice list now includes RA's "Affirmative".
  • Soviet rifle purchase voice list now includes RA's "Comrade?".
  • Spy purchase voice list now includes RA's "Yes sir!".
  • All purchase voices (except global Tanya/Volkov) and Tanya's C4 taunt can now be heard from up to 60m away (was 30m).
  • Raised volume of "ore truck full" EVA message as it was too quiet.
  • Gunboat's pilot is visible again.
  • Guard tower's sandbags no longer disappear at seemingly random.
  • Faded water shores.


  • Fixed allied barracks VIS on various maps.
  • Fixed issue on various maps where you would start out facing the floor or ceiling.
  • Reduced amount of trees on various maps.

Revived RA_Antlion!

  • Central pillbox has been replaced with something different.


  • Fixed floating grass/rocks on Allied hill.
  • Allied credit trickle is down from 3 to 2.
  • Soviet credit trickle is down from 8 to 6.
  • Allied starting vehicles are now based on the player count. Additional players joining within the first 5 minutes will cause these to spawn if they haven't already, but after the first wave of reinforcement vehicles arrives, they will not spawn anymore.
    • 2+ players: Ranger
    • 4+ players: Light Tank
    • 6+ players: Artillery
    • 8+ players: Minelayer
    • 12+ players: Ranger 2
    • 16+ players: Light Tank 2
    • 20+ players: Medium Tank
    • What this means is that between 12-15 players, you'll get the same vehicles you did before; above that, you get some extras, and below that, you lose out on some - shelling the Soviet base or spamming mines is no longer an option in small games.


Bonsai Allied Base

Bonsai Soviet Base

  • Added Afterlife to the jukebox; removed Arazoid.
  • Changed time of day to twilight.
  • Added lightning.
  • Allied Radar Dome hill is harder to climb from outside the Allied base.
  • Soviet War Factory hill is easier to climb from inside the Soviet base.
  • Made the Allied base less accessible from water by deepening and adding more obstacles.
  • Added some roads.
  • The destroyed bridge near the Soviet base actually makes some sense now as there is an island opposite it with a sub pen (which cannot be reached)
  • Soviet gems are a little further from base.
  • Removed missile silo defenses from both teams.
  • Allies get an extra turret on their WF side.
  • Removed some rubble near Allied Radar Dome.
  • Added a tunnel connecting the midfield with the Soviet ore field.


  • Projectile blocker over the central plateau on the island is now 200m high like the other blockers instead of 40m (oops), you're not getting any arty/v2 shots over it anymore.
  • Bridges are indestructible. Let's see how this plays out.


  • Tech Level down to 3.


  • Score requirement raised to 600.
  • Temporal items now take 60-90 seconds to spawn (was 60-180).
  • Temporal medic kit is replaced by Stinger.
  • Music changes after collecting the temporal items.


  • Removed some defenses: The turret by the Allied forward SD, the pillbox by the Allied WF, and the flame towers near the coils.


  • Re-added SAMs on capturable structures.
  • Removed the naval defenses that were on the Advanced Naval Yard/Sub Pen.
  • The defenses protecting the land entrance to the Advanced Naval Yard/Sub Pen have been moved to a position easier for destroyers/missile subs to shoot at.
  • The two iceberg turrets have been side-graded into pillboxes (better against LSTs and landers, but more fragile and worse against subs)
  • Team-locked doors in the Advanced Naval Yard are no longer locked.
  • The cargo ship in the Advanced Naval Yard can now be shot to damage the building, giving attack subs less of a hard time.
  • Unlimited Strela crate replaced with limited Stinger crate. (worse against naval, but is also damaging to buildings and infantry)


  • Moved flame tower to cover Soviet silo better.
  • Moved some SAM sites to hopefully more helpful positions.
  • Added an island near the Soviet helipad to give anti-dest infantry a little boost (just like the piers at Allied base)
  • Submarine blockers are less restrictive now; you can get closer to beaches, particularly around the Allied and Soviet helipad areas.


  • Added sound to the oil gushers and the transformer behind the Soviet WF (yet more things that existed in the game files previously and were never used).
  • Optimised the distant power plant.
  • Dome-side turret downgraded to pillbox.
  • Barracks-side turret is now slightly closer to the dome.
  • Supply truck at dock has been replaced by a forklift and cargo truck.


  • Tesla coil is now 2 flame towers.
  • Fixed floating turret.


  • Ore trucks should no longer get stuck in the gem patch.


  • Score requirement raised to 600.
  • Added some rocks to the cave entrance near the SE control point so Allies have to walk more to get to the control point.
  • Moved Soviet spawners in the cave to face the Allied spawns and be a little closer to the SE control point.
  • Swapped locations of the Soviet/Allied spawns between the river and the SW control point.


  • Church crate now gives 350 team money (was 250).

Revived RA_ToTheCore!


  • Added silo, refill pads, additional service depot and a bunch of clutter as per usual.
  • Jukebox is Arazoid, Crush, Shut It, Twin Cannon Remix.
  • Defenses on Soviet PP hill and Allied dome route are not as paper-thin as before.
  • Added a few ladders near the clifftop defenses to make them easier to reinforce and repair.
  • Added 3 Supply Truck spawn spots, a Forklift, and a Mobile AA Gun to fight over.
  • Added a tunnel that goes under the central hill.
  • Aircraft purchases no longer come in from nonsensical directions.


  • Rangers no longer respawn.


  • Removed the pillbox nearest to the river.
  • Moved Tesla Coil over to the cliff between the Soviet refinery SD and ore field.

Update now and stay tuned for more news!

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