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Red Alert: A Path Beyond update! Patch has been released to the launcher! Based on player feedback, the patch includes some general changes to maps, infantry and vehicle balance changes, and a Grenadier overhaul; and more!

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:allied:Red Alert: A Path Beyond Update:soviet:
Patch has been released to the launcher!

Soviet Grenadier

Based on player feedback, the patch includes some general changes to maps, infantry and vehicle balance changes, and a Grenadier overhaul; all of which you can read about in full detail on the forums.



  • Thieves, Flamethrowers and Minelayers have been moved down from Tech Level 3 to 2.
  • Tech Level 1 now has the same units available that Tech Level 2 previously did. This is to provide more flexibility for future maps; previously TL1 was basically wasted space as it only had the units that are available without a barracks.


  • Added Clearing Charges for Engineers. These are small timed explosives used for destroying mines; they do nothing to hard targets and don't do much to infantry, but they are actually better at mine clearing than regular C4 due to their 25% higher damage radius and 3-second timer. They also deal moderate damage to hedgehogs and bridge segments (10 destroy a bridge segment, 2 destroy a hedgehog). Engineers carry 3 of these at a time and can restock with a supply truck just like with C4.
  • Raised throwing velocity of C4 from 10m/s to 15m/s.
  • Grenadier and Frag Grenade have been overhauled:
    • ROF decreased from 1 / 1.67 secs to 1 / 2 secs.
    • Gravity effect down from 1.5 to 1.
    • Targeting range up from 100 to 125; this is very accurate to the distance it can cover before it explodes.
    • Splash radius up from 8 to 10.
    • Splash damage is now unaffected by distance just like Shock Rifle splash (i.e. as long as something is within the splash radius, it will always take maximum damage, there is no falloff).
    • Uses Timed C4 logic (3 second timer), so it is not prone to the problems that normally affect sticky projectiles and can stick on vehicles and infantry too. (C4 logic prevents the weapon from having a secondary fire, so don't expect to see one. This is also why it's not going on Volknades.)
    • Can be disarmed by repair tools. (Protip: throw them into unreachable positions. This is much easier to do when outdoors.)
    • Damage type is now separate from the Destroyer/Missile Sub type (required since C4 weapons cannot have direct damage). The main changes are that the grenade's damage to buildings is up somewhat (DPS is now comparable to Volktillery) and damage to naval units is way up (DPS is now comparable to Redeye/Strela except it also hurts submerged).
    • Long story short, the grenade is now more reliable at splashing infantry in the field, and is essentially a weaker on-foot Artillery against buildings, but in close quarters you run a greater risk of hurting yourself, and give enemies a chance to get out of the way due to the timer.
    • Grenadier health down from 60 to 50.
    • Grenadier price up from 160 to 500.
    • Grenadier credit yield up from 32 to 100.
    • Grenadier kill points up from 37.5 to 50.
    • Grenadier no longer explodes on death.
    • Grenadier now has a limited-ammo Makarov for close-range backup.


  • Gunboat cannon damage down from 50 to 45.
  • Gunboat cannon velocity down from 300m/s to 150m/s.
  • Depth Charge damage down from 120 to 90.
  • Depth Charge actually hurts ground vehicles now (assuming they're daft enough to take a dive).
  • Destroyer/Missile Sub damage to heavy vehicle armour up by 33% (0.75 -> 1).
  • Destroyer/Missile Sub damage to super-heavy vehicle armour up by 100% (0.5 -> 1).

  • Destroyer/Missile Sub splash radius up from 12.5 to 15.
  • Gunboats and Destroyers now behave like wheeled vehicles with rear-wheel steering. This allows them to turn much faster and their top speed is higher, but they cannot turn without accelerating anymore.
  • Mammoth Tank regeneration up from 3 to 5.
  • Mammoth Tank missile velocity up from 100m/s to 200m/s.
  • Mammoth Tank missile splash radius up from 10 to 12.
  • Mammoth Tank missiles arc up 60 degrees like the Missile Sub ones, making them easier to use against infantry on hills and nearby aircraft.
  • Longbow missile velocity up from 100m/s to 200m/s.
  • Longbow damage to Heavy vehicles up by 12.5% (0.8 -> 0.9, same as Mammoth vehicles)
  • Hind damage to main structures down by 20% (0.125 -> 0.1)
  • Adjusted light/med/heavy/mammoth vertical turret traverse restrictions to affect their ability to target aircraft (Light is better, others worse)


  • Missile Silo's damage warnings are correct now.
  • Missile Silo no longer provides (unusable) flares after its destruction.
  • Removed Tesla Coil's anti-infantry splash damage of 6.25 (effectively 37.5 in a full burst) so it is able to hurt and kill less infantry in one burst. (Taking a full blast is still almost certain death even for Tanya.)


  • MCT glass now properly gives off glass effects at <25% health.
  • Mended a bunch of infantrys' broken forearms (Soviet Rifle, Grenadier, both Snipers).
  • RPG Trooper is now based on Grenadier's model.
  • All infantry have had their first-person hand/sleeve textures updated to reflect their actual models (except Allied rifles, Soviet engineers and Volkov who were already accurate)


  • RA_AS_Seamist: Removed pillbox directly in front of the Radar Dome.
  • RA_CamosCanyon: Fixed floaty trees.
  • RA_CoastalInfluence: Moved Allied refinery back 5m to render it a little less vulnerable to V2s.
  • RA_CoastalInfluence: Propped bridge-side defenses up on platforms/rocks to make them more capable of hitting units on the bridge.
  • RA_CoastalInfluence: Arty/V2 Spam Peninsula has now been turned into an island; both teams have to cross a bridge to get on it.
  • RA_CoastalInfluence: Tesla Coil downgraded to 2 Flame Towers.
  • RA_CoastalInfluence: Added destructible hedgehogs to the Arty Spam Island, which will have to be destroyed for vehicles to advance.
  • RA_CoastalInfluence: Added a cliff line on the south side of the lagoon to make it harder to spot enemies approaching on the long land route.
  • RA_CoastalInfluence: Fog thickened from 300/450 to 200/300.
  • RA_Complex: Removed concrete walls shielding ore fields.
  • RA_Complex: Shrunk ore fields so trucks have to travel a little further.
  • RA_Fissure: Tech Level down from 5 to 2.
  • RA_GuardDuty: Tech Level down from 2 to 1 (no change since TL1 is now the same as what 2 was before).
  • RA_PacificThreat: Removed one ore silo per team, and upgraded the existing one to a double-income one. So the economy is more vulnerable to destruction but less vulnerable to thieves.
  • RA_StormyValley: Fixed vehicles being able to climb the central hills.
  • RA_Wasteland: Fixed Barracks targeting.
  • RA_Wasteland: Fixed a bunch of multimaterials, should improve performance

Grab the update asap and we'll be seeing you on the battlefield! If you don't already have the W3D Hub Launcher, you can download it here!

Donwload & Play Now!

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Nice work! Downloading the update now.

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XD nobody gona use granadiers after all that nerfing lol (i gona miss the after death vengance XD)

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Just like how nobody used them before? They have a different role now, one that was previously only filled by the 1500-credit Volkov.

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The only problem with APB is that there're more Renegade X than APB or TS:Reborn players. Still, good work as always
By the way: what happened to Apocalypse Rising and War for Assassins? They haven't been updated in a while

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