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The promised 1.3.1 PATCH is now available, and it will work with either version 1.3.0 FULL installation or the older 1.2.0 FULL installation. Get it now to ensure you can play on the official server and every other updated server!

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As promised, we have released our week-later 1.3.1 PATCH for Red Alert: A Path Beyond. It is required for play on the official server as of today, and for play on any up-to-date server.

The new 1.3.1 PATCH for A Path Beyond makes use of Danpaul's new patching tool that allows us to shrink down our new patch releases by logically updating each of the game's own specific archives, including the monolithic Always.dat. This provides an alternative to the old RTPatch-esque methods we formerly relied on, and gives us a lot more flexibility when patching our own kind of content.

This new, under 50MB patch will upgrade a full installation of either 1.3.0 or the older 1.2.0 to the very latest 1.3.1 version of A Path Beyond:
*If you have version 1.3.0, this is the patch for you
*If you have version 1.2.0, this is the patch for you
*If you do not have A Path Beyond, first install a 1.3.0 FULL version before you apply the PATCH

To download the 1.3.1 PATCH, please visit the downloads section of our ModDB profile, or visit www.apathbeyond.com for an up to date listing of available mirrors.

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