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New melee attack, 3 new guns, and an expansion launching the 26th! Click for full patch notes on Apastron v1.65.

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Expansion Release Announcement

Episode 2 of Apastron will launch for free on October 26th! The game is doubling in size. The update today is a further update to help me get more of the new content for the update ready. Check out all the live changes down below!

3 New Guns

Dynasty Acog
TSP Akimbo

New Ability

Lunge Ability is now obtainable in the Last Outskirts Bar's Cellar room.
This ability allows you to either glide in mid air or launch up and forward from a standing position by clicking Q.

Continuity Changes

Martha now loves cats.
The last Outskirts Bar now has a blocked off passage way in the storage room.

Gun Changes

All gun sfx have been improved upon in some way. I'm mainly trying to make suppressed guns sound suppressed and unsuppressed guns have sound diversity.
Suppressed guns now have updated reduced Muzzle Flashes.
Addressed a concern where Melee after shooting would replay shoot sfx this has been corrected.
Addressed a concern where some guns would spawn extra light sources when shooting.

That's it for this update! If you like the work I'm doing on Apastron give this update a share and let me know what changes you would like added in the next update!

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