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Click for Full Patch notes on Apastron 2.75, Plus Giveaway Announcement!

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Apastron Community Update #3

2 New Talisman!

Shove Charm : Push any movable object within sight
Draw Charm : Pull any movable object within sight

Balance Changes

More guns have been corrected to have correct firing positions
Shotguns got slightly damage buffed (ricochet shots occur more frequently)
Phoebe swings her sword faster now
Sword swing animations have been corrected to show sword for allotted swing
Talisman Spawn in Alien Chests more often now.

Map Changes

Updated vaulting nodes on most maps
Added Dreadnaughts to multiple levels
Added Raptors to multiple levels
Added Alien chests to Catacombs
Added Alien chests to Martha's stash
Added more Enemies to the Secret Lab Hangar section.
Collider Fixes for Ditko Point and The Sentenced valley. Players would crouch on water and get shot through the floor. This seemed to be from using too large of a box collider on the bed floors of water.

IndieDB Giveaway Announcement!

To celebrate the New Year I am giving away 25 copies of Apastron over on IndieDB! IndieDBis where I first really got into making video games. Without the support of the wonderful community over there Apastron and many games like it wouldn't exist. All you have to do is click GIVEAWAY and follow the instructions.

Apastron Giveaway - Indie DB


The giveaway should start 4 days from now. While you wait go check out some of the other wonderful games still in development on IndieDB. Best of luck!

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