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Hello and welcome to our 5th indieDB devlog update! Whats new? Live demo, new mechs designs, destroyable objects and a hell of a lot of code updates!

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DEVLOG update 5

Hello and welcome to our 5th indieDB devlog update!
Whats new? Live demo, new mechs designs, destroyable objects and a hell of a lot of code updates!


Less than 14 days from now we are holding live demo sessions. We’re testing our server and client capabilities and YOU can be a part of this! How to make sure you’re invited? Easy! All our loyal followers are going to receive an invite through our mailing list. Click the image and sign up already!

register for beta

If you are a Twitch streamer you can show your support on our game development by streaming our game. And since we’re “Twitch Developers” you can even select our game from the dropdown list! Just type “Antraxx” and we will pop up there!

play antraxx on twitch


The new website is live and has great new animations and information on there.
We feel like it is a lot more clear on the description and the artwork that fits this description.

antraxx websiteantraxx website 2antraxx website 3


Maps that can't be destroyed are boring. All hail the broken barrels!

explosion gif

Say hello to our new upcoming characters: Crow and Mammoth! In the near future Crow and Mammoth will also be implanted in game and as a user you can, as always, swap each individual mech parts with another allowing for extremely modular mech designs!

antraxx mech pixelart game

antraxx mech sketches

The Tarantula now has a portrait! What do you guys think of our super sick spider mech?

tarantula mech design


Alot of time has been spent on refining the battle system, and heavily optimizing networking for both the client and the server. Packet size has been reduced, the server now fully simulates the game world, has interpolation, prediction and lag compensation. I must thank Valve for a great article on multiplayer networking. All of this is leading upto a demo that will be available for those subscribed to the mailing list and eventually we will release it to the public. It will only feature one, relatively basic map with limited mech loadouts for now - but it will give you a taste of the action to come and help us improve the game through your feedback. If you haven't already, I seriously suggest you subscribe to our mailing list at www.antraxx.com..

I have also been working on improving a few graphical gimmicks and the usual bug squashing, realtime shadows are now heavily optimized, and some post-processing effects (such as bloom) are also in the works. Bloom looks great for effects in dark areas and can make a scene generally brighter, but produces an annoying blurry effect since we use pixel art. I have a workaround in mind, but with so much focus on the demo I have put effects to one side - so it still needs alot of adjustment:


Left right: Without bloom

And here's what happens when bloom goes wrong, I present you - Antraxx on acid:

ss 2016 05 23 at 03 01 48

Alongside this, we also have a few videos uploaded to our YouTube channel. Subscribe to be notified of exclusive vlogs and teasers.

Like what you see? Hit start tracking at the top right to get notified on new updates!


Thanks again for reading our devlog updates!
Team Antraxx


Beautiful art. Looks like it will be a fun game!

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Antraxxed Author

Thank you! we hope everyone will enjoy it! :)

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The concept art looks awesome!!! Has a star wars feel to it! Very nice!

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Antraxxed Author

Haha yeah exactly! thanks!

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Game looks great can't wait to see the demo in action. I also just noticed that your icon is pretty much the same as Interstellar Marines. I'm sure it won't be much of an issue it would just get a little confusing for some people.

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Antraxxed Author

Hey! Yeah I see now they use the A in the same way. They use the A as their icon also? So far I have only seen their logo with full name.

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Here you go

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