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In the official server of "Rasko the dak madness", you asked me a lot of questions. Here are the answers.

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Answer to the FAQ:

A release date?
It was supposed to be released on Oct 19, 2020 but it will be released later (or maybe an alpha).

what will be the age restriction for this game?
+14 But for chapter 2 it might be +16. The further we go in the saga (if there will be other games) the more the age increases and the more the game will become HARDCOR.

rn are they prototypes or animatronics from an old or other restaurant?
prototype and there are no restaurants in the story and THIS IS NOT ANIMATRONICS.

What does R-N° mean?
Rasko Numbers.

what form will the game take? (3D / 2D / we will be able to walk around / we stay in the same place)?
3D we will walk around but made in the way of a point and click game made on construct 2 (2D software). But don't expect full 3D like tjoc or zoolax night 2.

you will make us a plan of the mechanisms?
Not for the moment.

when rasko with red eyes is that he's pissed off is that it?

there's not gonna be a chapter 3?
I don't know, but maybe there'll be something else (normally) There might be a prequel but I don't think I'll do it but for sure there will be 2 chapters.

we'll be able to make theories?
Of course we can.

will the story be complex?
Normally yes, but it's each one his own version (but the game has nothing to do with the fnaf story and the game happens in another planet).

In chapter 2 they will be withered ?
No, there will be no fnaf model. There will only be models invented by me (except in a prequel where I'm going to be inspired by a fan made fnaf model [the corrupted]). But I don't think I'm going to do that.

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