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Update for Amnesia: The Dark Descent Full Conversion Mod; Damned

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Another update for Amnesia: The Dark Descent Full Conversion Mod; Damned

- Fate just does not want me to finish this mod. -

Well, don't I just have the worst of luck. ^^;

So...first off, just let me say that the problem is, well...in a very twisted - very twisted - turn of events...basically almost all of my files were deleted due to a random refreshing of my computer. Was not a good day for me, unfortunately.

Good news, this little - albeit extremely annoying - disaster has, for some reason, helped me expand my ideas for Damned and in end helping me develop the story more thoroughly and giving me more ideas to make it better.

I am currently re-building what I lost - only better - and I plan on taking precautionary measures to ensure that this - bullsh*t - doesn't happen again. If it does, I might just lose it. >_<

Until next time; which will hopefully include good news.

-- 7thProductions

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