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RPG Maker games have started getting a bad reputation, but we are wanting to change that!

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Hello Everyone (We call our fans Embers)

So when we began to flush out the story for The Ember Series: A New Fire, we were trying to figure out the best way to build the actual game. We wanted the old-school feel from some of our favorite games, like Final Fantasy IV, Might and Magic 6, and Chrono Trigger, but combining that with the more modern style of gameplay from games like Skyrim, Fallout, and the Witcher series. We decided to use the RPG Maker engine for this task. There are many challenges of building this type of game in RPGMaker, but the dev team at Forthright Entertainment is up to the task. We are building a D20 3.5 Edition Ruleset back-end system for the engine that will be ready in about 8 months. Essentially, it will overwrite a lot of the calls from RPG Maker MV that we don't want to be using. We are actively building the game with the community and look forward to seeing the game grow with their input. There currently is easily 8-10 hours of gameplay ready at release, and we will be adding more content along the way. We will be adding more updates on IndieDB too, so follow the game and keep in touch.




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