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Another Place is a video game where players control a young lad on a strange quest.

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I've added this as a new goal. I'l do an update on the development of 'Another Place' every week to keep you all up to date. I update the game demo file every week so be sure to keep playing and checking out the new implementations.

In the first update, here is my current few devlog entries plus the game link and description.
Please subscribe to my Youtube channel and my posts to help motivate me, support me and get the word out about this project! It gets better every week, it might not look like much now but I have hundreds of ideas for puzzles and story development.

It's a Tuesday night, 12:16am, 11/04/2016



I designed a little spark to appear on the Players hand when you use the Fire item.

I changed the start of the game so you don't have to climb anything or jump, engaging the player more.

I created a boulder obstacle where the angry dog is and now you can go right after getting the bomb, jumping down to the
area just before the city. But you need the scuba gear in order to progress through underwater caverns.

I made the first boss yell "Aw Fuck" when you blow his head off.

I changed the graphics of the town a bit.

Did a devtest and discovered that the arrow keys move a few NPC's. Was testing with the Xbox controller so I didn't realised. All fixed. Changed the intro scene so you don't have to jump or clime anything. It basically just shows you simple jumping and the fact you can drwon in water.

There is a puzzle to the right I'm thinking of programming so you can do it at the beginning. Just when you go to the city you can't get past a certain point without having to go back.

You find a key along the way that was dropped by someone going to the city.
The key unlocks the caves to the west.

Not sure if player will be able to figure it out, might need some prompting??

It's Thursday, 325 am, 07/04/2016

Tried to go to sleep early so I could work on the project in the morning.
Got two hours and can't get back to sleep.

No new ideas. Nothing new to report. Yawn

It's a Wednesday morning, 12:24 AM 05/04/2016

I just got home from work. Totally demotivated.
Not sure what I'll get done tonight, might just have a feed and go to sleep.
My brain isn't coming up with any ideas and I don't feel particularly inspired right now.

The project hasn't really had any feedback yet.
It'd be nice when people start finally taking notice but at this point I'm not even sure if it's good enough to keep working on. Is it even worth it? It's not like I'm working on the next Minecraft. The only revolutionary thing in my game is the fall death and I'm pretty sure most gamers would fail to see the puzzle aspect and just hate it as a nuisance.

Might work on it tomorrow morning.
If I do anything though I'll post a vid.

This is another video game test where I demonstrate two events. One is an angry fish that must be distracted and the other is a cat stuck in a tree that must be saved.


^^ !!Follow This Link To Play Demo!! ^^ Smiley Smiley Smiley

Watch videos on Youtube:


I occasionally livestream here: Noir

(if you want to know when a livestream is about to happen follow me on twitter: Twitter.com )


Another Place is a video game where players control a young lad on a strange quest. Blink

Basically, aliens have taken over the city, the city has taken over the meatworks.
The native villagers of this 'other place' the player is cast into, are being consumed by the island and fed to a giant fish.
When the fish eats the natives, it releases a chemical which is pumped into the Weather Tower of The Gods!

The Weather Tower rains the chemical down on plants which need it to grow. The aliens are sustained by these plants.

Stop the aliens, restore order to this strange place and perhaps you will find a way home! Gentleman


Cast into a unique and unknown world, the player is presented with challenges not generally seen in platform games.
The soundtrack provides an intense atmosphere which helps to engage the player in a 2D, minimalistic pixel presentation. Durr...?

Drowning, getting eaten, burning and falling to your death are just some dangers to avoid. Well, hello there!

You collect a Firestarter, a Bomb, a Snorkel, and a Magic Ring which allows you to jump from any height! Coffee

There are 9 keys to find and 9 doors to unlock. 4 bosses dwell in a range of locations such as the slaughter house, the weather tower, the big fish and the city. There is also the famed town of Underdouge, where people are hungry and must be fed! Hand Fork Left Hand Knife Right

Watch my continuing livestream as I go on the journey to finishing this game once and for all.
I'll also be posting greater quality devlog videos in order to show my creation in all its colourful glory.


Youtube Videos : Wizard Wizard


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