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So i was a bit lazy to post new updates here, but today i released big patch (v0.0.21) so i decided that i will post some news here finnaly.

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In this update we added some things what players requested. I also edited some Wiki articles on Prospekt site, to provide informations about new systems.

Major ones are:

  • Guilds
  • Pets

Some images of these new systems:

[Image: b6d8bcd9e529e4845ea8d2dc98c6f9c7.png]

[Image: 63a590ca24e605d44832640e00b20cf6.png]

Here is detailed changelog of newest patch and of other ones what i do not posted here too:
Legend: + = added; - = removed; * = bugfix; # = misc
v0.0.20--> v0.0.21
+ Guilds with guild menu (openable with G key)
+ Pets with pet menu (openable with T key)
+ Drawing of spell descriptions
+ Msgbox when player tries to run multiple instances of game
+ Swear filter
+ Target window
- Chatrooms
* Drawing of item and spell tooltips
* Loading... screen bug
* Drawing current tile when mapping
* Don't cast spell if spell is already casting
* Drawing multiple shop items
* Correction in Time Attack in Resource
* Some combat related bugs
# New credits (in RTF format)
# Only Donators can change guild logo
# Changed position of FPS and Ping and added new command (/fps) for showing/hiding that info

v0.0.19--> v0.0.20+ Credits.txt* Diagonal movement tile, NPC and player collisions* Bug with animation #255* Items in shop, what have more than 1 price item* Drawing of auras and attack anims when walking diagonally* Drawing item sell price when shopping* ResetShopAction* NPC diagonal movement is now fluid# Re-enabled player messaging# Improved engine speed# Removed server processing of empty maps
v0.0.18--> v0.0.19+ Loading... screen when joining game* Major bug with 8-way movement
v0.0.17--> v0.0.18+ New sexy animations for Critical, Dodge and Parry+ New nature tiles + 8-way movement+ Key shortucts (I-Inventory, J-Spells, C-Character, P-Party)* Major bug in packet-flooding check* Drawing currently selected tile when mapping* Running/Walking* Spellicon error in spell editor* Fixed players with names = name_length not being able to login

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