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Some news that my make some people angry, others not so much.

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Well, it looks like I am canning the idea of using FPSC for this game, but I WILL finish this game, just probably in a different engine, or maybe as a full conversion for another game. And I'm not going it alone anymore, I got a couple of people have jumped on board, which is good.

I want everyone to know again, I do not plan on dropping this project, but I want to make a truly good game, and FPSC won't allow for that. Thanks to those that are still supporting this project, keep an eye out, once we get some things figured out, I'll start posting screens and maybe even some other stuff.

Another thing, I'd like to take the time now, before the real big work starts again, to ask the community what they want to see in a zombie game, basically personal opinions on what you think current zombie games are lacking and let me know, like I said, I want to make a GOOD game.

Thanks again for the support guys, have a good one.


Fantastic news.. I'm not so long following your project but it sounds really promising!

So what would i like to see in a zombie game:

I think those ideas depends on the engine and it's capabilities.

I want to see a scene where a bunch of survivors is getting under attack by a horde of zombies and you're in the middle of it. I think not one single zombie game did that before.

I want to see a scene inside a house where you're hiding with some survivors and just can relax maybe talk with them (depends on the art of your game. If it's play like Duke Nukem 3D it will become a bit hard.) Scenes like that are your safety zones zombies won't come into those houses.. In buildings with survivors in it you're nearly allways safe to take a little break collect more guns and ammo and med kits before you proceed.

Maybe you can recruit survivors inside this buildings to help you fighting on your mission against the awakening dead.

After a couple of days zombies could be able to run because they are near death and must feed.
So i would like to see walking zombies and running zombies.

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I want creepy moaning sounds and other ambient sounds..

I want to see destroyed and burning cities and car crashes barricades police cars with lights on damaged army trucks with guns inside m4 or m16 guns.

I would like to see different missions where you have to do different things.

first missions could be something like: Find some food and water for your survival. Find some guns.

Then find a good hiding spot where you meet other survivors. Then you get overrun escaped and then you must reach a radio station to call in for help

make your way through subways until you arrive at an airport and waiting for Blackhawk for evacuation.

The usual stuff but with good diversified story and construction.

I would like to see scripted sequences like the following:

You see a huge civilian plane going down.. Zombies were inside that plane and killed the pilots + evacuies.

I would like to be in large towns and in little villages and in forrests and on hills.

I can't immagine more right now. I hope some of this ideas might be helpful for you and sorry for my poor english.

greetings 23-down

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