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New in game models and concepts from our RTS game "After the Fall".

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Today’s update will focus completely on some of the ECF units. We have focused most of our attention on the ECF faction for now in order to be able to create all the core mechanics of the game. As some of these will start to function we are planning to pay more attention to the Manticores faction also.

We will begin today by revealing the in game model of the ECF rifle soldier. We have shown you before the concept art so the time has come to reveal to you how the design turned out in the end. This is the kind of detail you should wait to see in all the models in the final build of the game. All units and buildings will have 4 different Levels of Detail (LODs) that you will be able to change from the options menu depending on how good your computer is.

Another Month Another Update

The mesh you see here is comprised of 6500 triangles.

The next in game model we will reveal to you today is the ECF Processor. We have also shown you in the past the concept art and now we have the final in game model ready. What you see is the highest LOD and is comprised of 8000 triangles. The doors will open and the Collector will enter to empty its radioactive material in order to gain more funds.

Another Month Another Update

Next we will show you a couple more concepts we have prepared. The first is the Nuclear Generator. This building is doing exactly what the Power generator is doing but it has much higher energy output. This means you will get alot of energy minimizing the need to create alot of buildings for your energy needs. The only drawbacks are that it is an expensive building to construct and it very vulnerable meaning it needs good protection.

Another Month Another Update

The last design we will reveal today is the ECF Wall and ECF Gate. Its use is obvious and you can create a barrier around your base for better protection.The walls will be thick enough to withstand alot of attacks until you prepare your defence.

Another Month Another Update

I hope you liked what we showed you today and soon we will be back to reveal you more about the characteristic game mechanics that will define our game from the rest of the RTS games. Watch this space for more soon!


looking good

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I like the Eastern-style chest ammo pouches on the ECF Rifleman.

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