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Changed made today and download link to latest pubic test build.

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The version in this video is different from the public build. For one I fixed the ceiling collision. But inadvertently caused a bug (which is unfixed) in floor slope resolving. Doesn't show in this video though.

Download the new public test build!
New Test Build - 05/07/2013

So I've been working on this since like 9am (it's 01:37am now) and I've had only food breaks.

If you find any bugs within this build please email me with the details at chris.armitt.1988@gmail.com
Thanks, and have fun!

Anyway what's new eh?
# = Change
+ = new feature
- = removed feature

# Improved the performance on the physics components.
# Updated the collision detection with the tiles to use the new GetTilesInArea() function.
# Improved character movement physics so you can fit through 2 block vertical gaps easier.
# Made it so that if you are "walking" you fall down 1 block gaps, but you can sprint over them.
+ Ceiling Slope collision ( a little buggy, and also caused the floor slopes to be a buggy sometimes)


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