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Post news RSS Another Breakout clone to add to the mix: PowBall Renaissance

From the creator of the original 1996 classic Breakout clone Powball, 20 years later, the veteran indie developer returns with a debut reboot: PowBall Renaissance.

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Okay, so It's an old game with a genre of its very own, and it's probably the most cloned game in history, so it can't surely be improved on, right? Wrong...

From this:

Atari Breakout
(Atari Breakout)

To this:


Then this:


And now this:

I am proud to present PowBall Renaissance.

Hard-core Breakout fans will hopefully already be convinced, but if you're still wondering what's unique about PowBall Reinassance, then consider these features:


ss shop

Collected resources can be traded for weapon ammunition, extra balls, and lives. Prices fluctuate depending on supply and demand. This adds a nice level of strategy, giving you an advantage on the future levels if you plan ahead.

Up to 3-Player Multiplayer:

Only a few variations of Breakout feature a 2-player mode but how many offer 3-player? With co-op mode to mix it up, this is probable an all-time first?

Interesting Level Designs with Puzzle Elements

ss 2

Not many Breakout clones offer anything beyond an unimaginative array of bricks in their level designs. This one gives you something not only more pleasing to the eye but more interesting to play. With various features such as wormholes some levels come with a puzzle element requiring some thought and planning to complete.

Sub-Games to mix up Gameplay

It's not just just balls you play with. After each level your paddle transforms and takes you into the realms of a shoot-em-up in the form of Asteroids and even Galaxians.

Level Editor

Every self-respecting Breakout remake should include a level editor. This one is a comprehensive tool that will allow you to create magnificent works of art, right down to the position of the stars and planets in the background.

In Conclusion

I feel that the most important factor when recreating a classic game is to keep it traditional. The original Breakout remake Powball kept to the standard unspoilt formula of a paddle, ball, and bricks, then added relevant features to make it more interesting without any gimmicks, such as adding a 3rd dimension; does anyone play 3D chess?

All the most important ingredients are there: Smooth gameplay, fine-tuned angled deflection of the ball, giving the skilled player a chance to aim anywhere, powerups, weapons, many many levels, and so much more.

All this was achieved with the 1996 release of Powball of course, so what's new? Modern visuals, new set of levels, 3-player mode, and smoother gameplay. It still has all the stuff that made Powball fun, and some players may still prefer the older version that runs at a fixed screen mode of 320x200, but this new version presents a new breakout experience you may never experience elsewhere.

There is currently a version for Windows and Android:

The original version of Powball is now free:

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