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In the past few days, we finished up boss animations, made infrastructure for the path forward in development of our 2D Zelda-like, Anodyne.

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Hi everyone, I have a few things I wanted to talk about.

So, as expected, Steam Greenlight yesterday was a bit crazy. Got some nice comments, but we'll see how much actually comes out of it - probably not too much, I'm staying realistic. It seems like a bit of a madhouse right now, but I think Valve will do a good job with managing everything. Knowing they had to wade through all of those games gives you some sympathy for them. Our page is here, if you want to vote for us.

Yesterday, I ended up deciding to make a sort-of-demo that I'm not releasing publically (our next public demo will be full-featured - the polished menus, SFX, missing intermediate areas, story). That led to me fixing a bunch of bugs and adding features to the game state where the camera pans around with the player. You'll appreciate it. It was a little painful for me, though.

Other than that, in the past few days..it's really been a lot of misc. work on my part - yucky, sort of boring infrastructure that just has to be done, bugfixes that make the game better but no one will notice, etc. Today I got to work on some SFX and a song for the first dungeon - I've been constantly reworking it. and I think I might almost be happy with this version.

As for Jon, he finished a bunch of very cool boss animations, and now he's polishing up a bunch of dungeons. You'll really like the last sets of dungeons...the trailer has a small sneak peek of part of one of them...can you spot it?

(Also, if you liked the music in the trailer, you can download it here)

Anyways, I'm going to focus on SFX and music for a while, which should be a nice change to all the programming I've been having to do. Maybe even design a few of the non-dungeon areas. And then when Jon finishes the dungeon polish we're going to work on story and intermediate intro areas between places that have been in the demos, and knock that all out.

There are some new screenshots in the Images section, as well as the new Title Screen/Box art, which we think is working pretty well.

-Sean (@seagaia2 on twitter)

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