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This is a brief article about the progress we made during the time we didn't post any news on IndieDB.

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Hello community of IndieDB,
I'm sincerely sorry for not posting any of the progress made so far.Though, there aren't really many differences in what you have already seen.
Most of our team-members -including me- are still going to high school
and some others college, so there isn't much time right now for development.
Announcement: This is the reason why we stopped the current progress until Christmas. During the holidays we will work at full force. Now about the progress made this far.The programming part is still pretty much the same.There have been some minor tweaks to the AI and the character controller the movements can be smoother.

Programming Tasks need to be completed

  • AI of the Midnight Man
  • Integrating the Inventory system with the Ignition System.
  • Ritual.
  • Adding a Camera Shake effect while playing.

The 3D Modeling actually is coming along better than before. Although we still need to remade some models for basic the structure of the house, we made some very good progress on the interiors.

3D Art Tasks need to be completed:

  • New models for the FPS Arms.
  • Completing the rest of the interior.

These are the basic needs of our game right now so we can release a version.Other things we want is music, texturing, maybe more concept art too.We are talking about on releasing the 1.0 version right from the start insteadof having the 0.5 version come out before that. V 1.0 will actually be the whole game with just some bugs need to be fixed.I hope you didn't think this project is dead these past two months.
We will also upload some pictures for you to see our progress in the interiors.Unicorn Studios is truly sorry for not posting sooner an article about the pause of the development.if you've got questions or even want to contribute to us something feel free to e-mail us at unicornstd.info@gmail.com

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Have a good day!

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