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An announcement and preview of the first zone in Legends of Strife.

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At the moment we are working on creating the first zone in Legends of Strife. We aim to have this small section of the world fully functional by the time we put it up for beta. Complete with lots of quest, plenty of gear and enough creatures to smack till your heart's content. The name of this place is:

El Clease is a secluded valley with much of it covered by rich farmlands. Generally peaceful this is the perfect place to start you journey. There is only one town in the valley, Summerwind Village, filled with citizens that require some sort of assistance. You can help them to increase your reputation, making better or different items available for you to use.

Of course, there is some conflict, this time in the form of a long standing feud between two farmers. The petty augments of the farmers are designed to prepare players for what's to come in future pvp. But don't get me wrong, they take it very seriously.

Here is a map of what is planned for El Clease, and a screenshot of the road so far.

We will reward players who explore El Clease and the future areas of Legends of Strife with hidden goodies: Secret quest and treasure chests.

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