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Learn about the game and a bit about its developer!

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About the Game:

Shadows is a 2D puzzle platformer that will test your skills in observation and interpretation of the world that surrounds you. Mysteries await, memories are locked behind hidden veils, and your key to freedom will only come by making your way through the several challenges within the caves.

Shadows is still in beta, but it is rapidly approaching its final stages! If you would like to support it, you can upvote it on Greenlight via this link.

Also, check out its other media sources:

Website: www.shadows.loganapple.com

YouTube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCu80yUyCFAQxWaW3iNAhCGg

Twitter: www.twitter.com/ShadowsGamePC

About the Developer:

Logan Apple is a high school senior who made this game in an effort to raise money for college tuition, while concurrently working his job and balancing 7 AP courses. Though not his first game, this has been the largest and most intricate out of all those he has made. The game's development started over a year ago, and he looks forward to making it a success with further time and effort.

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