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Hi! We're Horrible Unicorn Game Studios (HUGS!), and we’ve just announced our first game! Legacy of the Copper Skies is a classic 2D action adventure game. Where players control two vastly different characters as they explore, solve puzzles and fight to save their worlds.

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Legacy of the Copper Skies is a classic action adventure game set in both the dark, industrial world of Grimstad and the lush, verdant Ebura. Players must take control of both Tir and Isen and use their unique gameplay mechanics to explore, solve puzzles, and fight in order to save their worlds from annihilation.

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  • Dual Playable Characters: Take control of two unique characters, each with their own abilities and play styles. Players will need to swap between these two playable characters in order to solve the puzzles, and fight their way through the worlds.
  • Learn to Co-operate: Beginning as separate, very different characters, Tir and Isen will learn to co-operate as you progress through the game. Once they do so, players can use this new found ability to rewind time, and play both characters at once.
  • Combine Your Abilities: Sometimes your own abilities aren’t enough. In those situations try pairing abilities together in clever ways to produce a stronger ability, or an entirely new gameplay mechanic.
  • Narrative-driven adventure: There are no princesses to rescue or silent protagonists here. While navigating the richly-layered story you’ll uncover not only the characters and locations, but their deeper motivations as well.
  • Active and Passive Puzzles: Not all puzzles are stationary and passive. In Legacy of the Copper Skies puzzles fight back. Some puzzles may require you to manipulate enemies, or the enemies themselves might even be the puzzle.
  • Explore the World: Explore the multiple worlds, all their unique features, and discover hidden secrets.
  • Character Progression: Unlock new abilities, powers, items, and other secrets as you explore.


Legacy of the Copper Skies will be released digitally for PC first. After that we’ll explore other options.

For up-to-date information on Legacy of the Copper Skies, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

SECAdditionally, we'll be on the Square Enix Collective starting June 22nd! So if you like our stuff come on out and vote for us there. :)

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