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Announcing a public free demo release for Windows 32bits and Linux 64bits

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In which I see if publishing a "news" gives more visitors than a "video".

I've been meaning to announce this since one or 2 weeks ago, but I was hoping to use the new logo with this. It'll have to wait till the demo release, so let's get this done:Soon (less than a week, it's already done, I'm just waiting for a video and the logo to get it rolling) there will be a demo release for both Windows 32bits and Linux 64 bits (Mac and Linux 32 can run the Windows executable through Wine, this is well tested and done by us. Expect native versions for the actual release)The demo will feature:

  • Randomly generated maps for the first stage: Forest.
  • AI, with Camper personality
  • 3 playable crewons: A light and quick hitter, a healer, and a Heavy hitter.
  • Moddable. Those who wish to explore may already be able to create something, or at least, see familiarize with it, and realize how much will be possible.(The release will have broader CReScript functions)

This demo will also serve for benchmarking: If you can run it, it's almost sure you can run the release too!

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