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First post here announcing my solo puzzle game. Avoid Light. Solve Puzzles. Pursue Answers.

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Hello everyone, I'm Thomas!

For the past 4 years I have been making a solo puzzle game and I'm here to show it off. If you like the look of it please follow/wishlist it. Thanks for your time :)

Umbra menu

Game Summary

Umbra: Journey Home is a single-player, 3D puzzle game. Entering lights will cause you to lose control. You must create shadows from your environment to pass through. Adventure through a mysterious world to discover answers.

You play a stone creature who wakes up to find their town abandoned. Find out where everyone has gone and what has happened.





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announcement69? hmmmmm

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Sir_Wray Author


Okay so I saw this and was confused for like a solid 15 minutes trying to figure out if there was some context I was missing and then I noticed the url.

It seems that's the url that was auto-generated for me and if I change it the page seems to break so... announcement69 it is I guess. Oh dear.

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