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Below, I'm going to explain some of my basic intentions with this mod.

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Hello and welcome on this mod page!
For today, I would like to explain my intensions with the mod in general.I also have to note that this is my very first mod so I would like to hear any of your suggestions or comments on it.But now, for the mod itself.The way how Paradox deals with Japan is somehow insufficient in my opinion and does not reflext the turbulent reality of the time. Though it is much better in current version of the game, there is still much space for improvement.

I intend to make this improvement with my mod and gradually completely overhaul players japanese experience. As you can see, for now, you are only able to play as Toyotomi clan. Toyotomi are available by decision of Oda clan and demands to form them are just really low. Toyotomi are led by Toyotomi Hideyoshi and have their own set of ideas (which still may be imbalanced). I put it this way to allow players who would like to play as independent Toyotomi from the very beggining of the game. I intend to change demands on formating Toyotomi later and add some event and flavour related to them.

I also plan to add more clan to the game, available either by decision or through event. I think current set of clan is good, but it lacks clans that were influencial and important later in the game.I also plan to give flavour and events to existing clans and to the new ones.

For the start I think I will work on these clans:

Im also open to your suggestions.So I guess that would be all for this log.

See you around


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